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a function word that combines with a noun or pronoun or noun phrase to form a prepositional phrase that can have an adverbial or adjectival relation to some other word

(linguistics) the placing of one linguistic element before another (as placing a modifier before the word it modifies in a sentence or placing an affix before the base to which it is attached)

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Let us note immediately that the preposition through should not be part of that expression.
As regards the applied method, historical English dictionaries such as the Middle English Dictionary online (henceforth the MED) and the Oxford English Dictionary online (henceforth the OED) are employed to critically evaluate the origin of the analysed prepositions and adverbs and to construct their tentative dialect and textual distribution.
Other prepositions might show this relationship such as--on, in front of, behind, beside, and near.
It is therefore the goal of this study to shed some light on the antonymy relations of prepositions in Croatian.
So take away a few of the other prepositions - with, for, on, at, from, to, about, after, by - and phrases such as 'with I', 'to I', 'from I' etc just don't sound right.
Prepositions in English grammars until 1801; with a survey of the Western European background.
A wonderful resource to use when teaching young students about prepositions, this title is also available in French as Devant ma maison.
As an investigation point, English prepositions uttered in President Obama's inaugural speech were selected and categorized in terms of their functions in phrases.
Prepositions are connecting words and this is a book about romantic bonds.
Eisenchlas reported that, instead of producing pied-piping as required by the Spanish grammar, the bilingual child in her study stranded prepositions in her Spanish constructions.
When your child can use prepositions in speech, ask him questions, such as 'Where do you want to go?
As a sociologist, I have found prepositions useful to explain how sociology fits with the disciplines that comprise the field of bioethics.
The Army prepositions equipment at diverse strategic locations in order to field combat-ready forces in days rather than the weeks it would take if equipment had to be moved from the United States to the location of the conflict.
Furthermore, errors related to the use of articles and prepositions and incorrect verb forms were the most frequent categories across levels.
Its members will be referred to as "verb-like" prepositions because they index their complements in the same way that one class of transitive verbs, Class 1 verbs, index their direct objects.