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a phrase beginning with a preposition

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1], as can be seen in (35) where the Time modifier expressed as an adverb is followed by the Manner satellite expressed by the prepositional phrase, which is appropriately explained by the Principle of Increasing Complexity too, as shown in (ii), where for any category X: X < X co X.
One might argue that in these cases the of forms part of a prepositional phrase and means "concerning".
These bad extraction patterns are sometimes caused by parsing errors; alternatively, they occur when target noun phrases occur in a prepositional phrase, and AUTOSLOG cannot determine whether the preceding verb or noun phrase should trigger the extraction.
6) It should be noted that in the genitive with the preposition od and in other prepositional phrases, the nominal word is not governed by the verb, but by the preposition heading the prepositional phrase.
The prepositional phrase typically occurs within the Verb phrase where it takes the role of a complement or an object.
The active accomplishment realization designates the terminal point of the event of motion (el), this information being provided, as we have shown, by a locative/directional prepositional phrase.
When these verbs combine with a plural subject the relevant prepositional phrase (miteinander 'with each other') is generally omissible:
Both Theme noun phrase and Path prepositional phrase are internal arguments of verbs, so that these verbs are considered to be unaccusative verbs of two places (LEVIN, 1993; MUNHOZ, 2011; MUNHOZ; NAVES, 2012).
You can break up this noun string by using prepositional phrases.
From the morphological point of view, the modifiers in the dataset were classified as one of the following: noun/noun phrase, genitive construction, adjective, numeral, verb, adverb, or prepositional phrase.
The prepositional phrase "in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes" in the first line is separated by two commas: one is before it and the other is after it; therefore, it is independent, yet, it is within the framework of the whole "When.
While her early poems intimate genres and modes--bildung, marchen, Bible tale--they can collapse under certain grammatical tics, particularly her fondness for the prepositional phrase.
Department of Labor (DOL) says the word "primarily" is an adverb that modifies the prepositional phrase "for the purpose of providing deferred compensation" that immediately follows it.
N + Past Participle] This is a highly productive pattern where the noun generally corresponds to a prepositional phrase of various type (agentive, locative, instrumental): church-owned ('owned by the church), home-baked ('made at home'), hand-painted (painted using hands').
Rarely appearing in our graduate students' papers are sentences in passive voice that include a sentence-ending prepositional phrase, such as by the teacher, which at least would clarify who executes the action.