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much greater in number or influence

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The entries on "Creation," "Grace," "Holy Spirit," and "Reconciliation" all take a preponderantly or at least significantly critical approach.
If before 1989 the internal migratory flow sense was preponderantly from the villages to the towns or from the developing zones to the developed ones, after 1997 this tendency change and the number of the people who settled in the villages overcame the number of people settled in the cities.
The historical cases primarily followed one of two paths: the 'iron fist' path, with a focus preponderantly (and often almost exclusively) on eliminating the insurgent threat, or the motive-focused path, with primary or at least balanced attention to addressing the motives for beginning and sustaining the insurgency.
Certainly, it must make us wonder so about the congressmen who figure preponderantly in the Commission on Audit's report about those who abused or pocketed their Priority Development Assistance Fund.
Positive emotions generate a broad diversity of advantageous results in transaction (Popescu, 2014), and should have a preponderantly positive consequence on diminishing trickery in bargaining (negative emotions should predominantly advance insincerity.
On Friday last, I lectured to a large group of school teachers, preponderantly Hindus, on communication.
Leptin, an obese gene product, is a 16-kDa protein and is preponderantly expressed in adipose tissue [58].
In the War of 1948 the Pentecostal missionaries fled from Palestine as their preponderantly Arab clients were swept away in the Palestinian diaspora.
Attached to some of these public authorities, there were specialized institutions, some with a preponderantly state character, such as: the Legislative Council, the Supreme Council for Economic and Social Development, the Council for Economic and Social Organization, etc.
If negative outcomes accumulate (for example, if despite statute provisions promoting the rights of victims to participation and to reparations, victim populations preponderantly suffer more from local retribution against court involvement than their victimization is ameliorated or recompensed through the court's proceedings), the idea that the court's mandate, structure, or processes prevent it from being an ethical actor should be considered.
Since students' motivation was preponderantly religious--Matthew, Chapter 25, and all that--this would be spiritually transformative.
It can be preponderantly linked with the world of labor and productive force, having a pragmatic and utilitarian character.
s encyclopedia of American social types and speech during the second and third decades of the twentieth century to the third and early fourth decades of the century, for the Time Machine profiles deal with the biographies that highlight the preponderantly 1930s and early 1940s adolescence and youth of Naked's cast on its principal 1944-ish stage.
Petherick's Colonial Booksellers' Agency may have been proto-global in its reach, but it was bankrolled by the vortex and its stock was preponderantly English books.