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much greater in number or influence

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While I do not share her view of Demme's film as preponderantly homophobic, I do want to build here on the very important concept she foregrounds in this essay.
If negative outcomes accumulate (for example, if despite statute provisions promoting the rights of victims to participation and to reparations, victim populations preponderantly suffer more from local retribution against court involvement than their victimization is ameliorated or recompensed through the court's proceedings), the idea that the court's mandate, structure, or processes prevent it from being an ethical actor should be considered.
Namely that present day barbarians use preponderantly assertive speech acts and rules in order to advance alternative constructions in the form of more asymmetric hegemonies and, nevertheless, barbarians act, on different social levels, both as agents and structures in attaining this goal.
Since students' motivation was preponderantly religious--Matthew, Chapter 25, and all that--this would be spiritually transformative.
From a Buddhist standpoint, our present mental, moral, intellectual, and temperamental differences are preponderantly due to our own actions and tendencies, both past and present .
6), the hearing officer concluded that the parent did not preponderantly prove that the child was eligible for special education.
Petherick's Colonial Booksellers' Agency may have been proto-global in its reach, but it was bankrolled by the vortex and its stock was preponderantly English books.
This preponderantly state-centred vision is also a result of the fact that the Shona war novel is published in association with the Literature Bureau, a government-controlled organisation.
Urethral calculi are preponderantly found in the prostatic urethra, the bulb, the proximal penile urethra, the fossa navicularis and external meatus.
Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific Rim are preponderantly democratic, with the exceptions of autocratic Cuba and Belarus.
The remaining differences between isolates in subclades IB and II were present in nonstructural (NS) genes and are preponderantly conservative mutations, with the exception of position 31 in NS3, which was nonconservative.
Attitudes toward same-sex marriage are in a state of generational change, with favorable views growing among the young, while older citizens continue to be preponderantly opposed.
It is remarkable that one of the most acute analysts of the shift in English political culture and government that has produced the maximalist (67) welfare state is preponderantly now thought in public law circles to have been something of a fool about just this.
Also without express choice of law during the arbitration proceedings the CAS Panels attain preponderantly a subsidiary and amendatory application of Swiss law.
Genital tract involvement is the most common by 80%, juxta vesical location, preponderantly retrovesical, is even rarer (2-4).