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Antonyms for prefix

an affix that is added in front of the word

attach a prefix to

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4](123), we can prepend either a 3 or a 4 to the permutation 213, to produce 3214 and 4213 respectively, both of these being in the avoidance class.
LIVE DEMONSTRATION HIGHLIGHTS: Wowza Media Systems will demonstrate its server's capabilities for use in: -- Live Streaming -- High quality streaming using industry standard live encoding -- Video on Demand -- Including fast forward/rewind and prepend capabilities -- Video Chat -- Multi-point, multi-user video, audio and text communications -- Video Recording -- Bandwidth independent remote recording
Another introduced flag, for, prepends an unknown word.
When connected to a Web site containing an EV certificate, Firefox prepends the URL on the address bar with the company's name highlighted in green.
In addition to the add-in's described in the press release, Sperry also offers File Fetch, a program that lets you use email to retrieve files from remote computers; Hide Fax Numbers, a module that prepends "Fax: " to fax numbers when you select "To:" so that you're not swamped with irrelevant information; Email Reminders, an add-in that emails you when you would normally get appointment reminder popups; and more than a dozen additional Outlook add-in solutions.