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Antonyms for prefix

an affix that is added in front of the word

attach a prefix to

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As C does not have name overloading, we need to prepend the name of the container, "list" in this case, to the name of the iterator, "order", to obtain the full iterator type name: "list_order".
FALSE) void primes(clist *L, unsigned n) { /* * Prepends to L the prime numbers smaller than "n" \* */ int i,j; cl_link * pHere = NULL; /* points to pInt->ik */ for (i = 1; i<n; i++) { int is_prime = TRUE; for (j = 2; j<i; j++) { if (0 == i % j) { is prime = FALSE; } } if (is_prime) { int_lk * pInt; /* pointer to the node */ binder create(Bi, pInt); pInt->n = i; cl_link_after (L, pHere, &pInt->ik); pHere = &pInt->ik; /* current position */ } } } void has_digit (clist *L, int d, FILE *F) { /* *| Print all numbers in L that have digit "d" | \* */ cl_link *p; fprintf(F, "\nhas_digit(%d) ==\>", d); for (p = cl_first(L); {NULL
Marketers can edit content to append or prepend and customize how the post appears on Twitter and Facebook.
The basic idea of SR is to prepend packets with a stack of labels which is called segments and encapsulated in a segment routing header.
4](123), we can prepend either a 3 or a 4 to the permutation 213, to produce 3214 and 4213 respectively, both of these being in the avoidance class.
5) If R(D) is greater than the initial value of F(D), prepend a new segment to F(D), with value R and domain (-[infinity], end(S)].
The DBMS uses its knowledge to prepend the correct level, rather than relying on an untrustworthy source for that information.
Wrappers associated to relation-valued variables, prepend or append their code to this message send code.
All of our methods prepend the stream of characters to the encoded text and store the characters as part of the decode data structure.
This property can be fulfilled via as-path prepending that the deploying AS can prepend more than one instance of its own AS number in the aggregated as-path attribute before exporting a route to eBGP peers (BGP routers that are in a different AS than the deploying AS).
Thus, the task of the quantum assembler is to prepend each basic block with an execution time and a timing requirement, if there is any, and to postpend each basic block with a quantum termination.