housemaid's knee

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swelling of the bursa in the knee (due to trauma or excessive kneeling)

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An acute MCL sprain was diagnosed clinically and septic prepatellar bursitis was confirmed by bursal aspiration at the urgent care centre.
reported that the most frequent knee injuries included prepatellar bursitis, lateral and medial collateral ligament sprains and meniscal tears (13).
Other pathologies to consider in an adolescent with knee pain, tenderness and disability of the knee joint (of the extensor mechanism) include patellar ligament rupture, quadriceps tendinopathy, quadriceps tendon rupture, patellar dislocation, chondromalacia patellae and prepatellar bursitis.
Davis and Broughton (l996) reported prepatellar bursitis caused by Brucella abortus in cattle.
The medical name for housemaid's knee is prepatellar bursitis.
Complicated soft tissue infection with prepatellar bursitis caused by Paecilomyces lilacinus in an immunocompetent host: Case report and review.
Open excision of the prepatellar bursa for the surgical treatment of chronic prepatellar bursitis has been complicated by hypesthesia, painful scar formation, and poor scar cosmesis.
All cases had bacteremia, including one pair with necrotizing fasciitis, one pair with prepatellar bursitis, three pairs with soft tissue infection, and one pair with soft tissue infection and peritonitis.