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preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home)

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Tenofovir (TDF), one of the antiretrovirals in the PrEP pill, can hurt kidney function.
Students who wish to improve their ACT Test results are encouraged to visit the SUMMIT ACT PREP website for more information and to register for an online class that fits their schedule.
Prep schools are private institutes that help students prepare for standardized high school and college entrance exams.
View Park Prep dominated the first half, holiding the Jaguars to just 89 yards of offense while racing to a 42-6 halftime lead.
Tech prep emerged from the need to meet the growing demand for a highly skilled workforce and the need to educate the neglected majority, defined as "students with average-to-poor academic achievement, due mainly to the fact that they are contextual learners floundering in an abstract learning environment" (Hull and Grevelle, 1998, p.
The compost preps prevent the escape of valuable nutrients like nitrogen while assisting in the formation and stabilization of new elements.
She worked as an adviser to Prep students, helping to ease their transition into boarding school by sharing her experiences.
The CAHSEE prep program is a model for the TestU mission in that it includes an initial diagnostic that enables a customized study plan for each student, interactive skill-building lessons, test-taking strategies, practice tests and full-length simulated exams.
In addition, Hoop Dreams has brought together over 800 DC students and mentors from the local business community through its year long college prep mentoring program; facilitated hundreds of internships; engaged over 1,000 volunteers in community work; and helped coach nearly 400 students through the Princeton Review SAT prep program - all free of charge.
Flintridge Prep cut an 11-point second-half deficit to 32-27 with 3:28 remaining in the third quarter on a 3-pointer by Jordan Toyama.
In Be the Dream: Prep for Prep Graduates Share Their Stories (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill; $12.
Career and technical education has diverse educational pathways for students to follow, and programs such as tech prep and career academies have helped to define those pathways while also helping to raise the academic achievement of career tech students.
KIPP LA PREP is one of the most inspiring educational success stories of the Los Angeles area," said Oversee.
On Tuesday Education Minister Nabi Avcy called a press conference and said the AK Party government is preparing to bring the draft prep schools legislation to Parliament in January.