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Synonyms for preoccupation

Synonyms for preoccupation

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for preoccupation

an idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

References in classic literature ?
Again, the matter-of-course statement and tone of dismissal with which he treated what to her were the most stirring thoughts, was easily accounted for as belonging to the sense of haste and preoccupation in which she herself shared during their engagement.
Full of preoccupation, however, from the scene of the previous evening, and hardly recovered from the effects of the poison which Colbert had then administered to him, the king, during the whole of the day, so brilliant in its effects, so full of unexpected and startling novelties, in which all the wonders of the "Arabian Night's Entertainments" seemed to be reproduced for his especial amusement - the king, we say, showed himself cold, reserved, and taciturn.
My reading from the first was such as to enamour me of clearness, of definiteness; anything left in the vague was intolerable to me; but my long subjection to Pope, while it was useful in other ways, made me so strictly literary in my point of view that sometimes I could not see what was, if more naturally approached and without any technical preoccupation, perfectly transparent.
It was more than a dislike--it resembled fear, a nervous preoccupation of what went on where he could not see.
He was on his way out, with an expression of determination on his face, and of preoccupation and worry also.
His preoccupation was caused by something different.
Le ministre de l'Interieur, des Collectivites locales et de l'Amenagement de territoire, Noureddine Bedoui, a affirme a Tamanrasset qu'il "n'existe aucun gel" des programmes de developpement lies aux interets et preoccupations quotidiennes du citoyen.
Une plateforme electronique sur les preoccupations des jeunes sera bientot lancee, annonce la ministre de la Jeunesse et des Sports, a l'ouverture d'un seminaire organise jeudi a Tunis, en collaboration avec le ministere de la fonction publique et de la gouvernance et l'organisation de developpement et de cooperation economique.
L'emploi, l'economie, le pouvoir d'achat, le deficit public et le terrorisme sont les preoccupations principales des Tunisiens pour l'annee 2014, d'apres un sondage [beaucoup moins que] Tunisie Sondage [beaucoup plus grand que] qui vient d'etre publie.
Apres avoir presente la demarche generale du projet de recherche et situe l'objectif et la methodologie, cet article rapporte et discute les principales preoccupations ethiques d'enseignantes et d'enseignants du collegial quebecois francophone, telles que degagees de huit groupes de discussion (focus groups) auxquels ont participe 63 enseignantes et enseignants en 2006-2007.
Summary: Health Minister SaE[macron]d Barkat broached before the World Health Assembly in Geneva, on behalf of African group, the continent's big preoccupations.
L'approche adoptee pour le present article consiste a examiner dans quelle mesure les femmes prennent la parole pour attirer l'attention sur les preoccupations feminines.
This scheme extends these preoccupations, and proposes a new sports academy and landscape strategy for Scunthorpe Central Park.
Characterized by its theatrical morbidity, the sensibility of black metal mirrors Violette's own grim preoccupations.