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Synonyms for preoccupation

Synonyms for preoccupation

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for preoccupation

an idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

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As with Carver, we took time at the end of our discussion of Dubus to identify his thematic preoccupations.
After musing in Volume 1 about why he simply cants write short stories, he concludes, "I have tremendous preoccupations of my own, personal preoccupations with whatever it is going on inside my own heart, and I simply can't write about anything else.
Finally, psychoactive medications that boost the amount of the chemical messenger serotonin available to brain cells lessened the bodily preoccupations and lifted the spirits of Ted and Helen (not their real names).
The 1970s and early 1980s marked a period of Canadian introspection during which issues of economic nationalism and social justice formed the dominant elements in the list of national preoccupations.
The Dutch consumer products giant Unilever introduced Axe Deodorant Bodyspray to American consumers last July with a humorous, edgy campaign by New York agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty that focused on the testosterone-addled preoccupations of its male target audience.
8200; Des cellules centrales supervisees par les walis sont en place pour transmettre les preoccupations des citoyens aux communes qui les prennent en charge, a precise le responsable.
Casablanca - Le secretaire general du Parti du Progres et du Socialisme Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah a affirme, vendredi a Casablanca, que les preoccupations majeures du PPS consistent a defendre l'experience democratique marocaine et a faire face a toutes les tentatives de controle de la decision politique.
Current preoccupations with appearance and performance make skin a conspicuous focus of attention.
This is unfortunate, because Blewett in fact infuses her narrative with more fresh insight than these dated historiographical preoccupations would suggest.
Most experts on Columbus and early colonial history well know Las Casas's contributions to the scholarship, including his preoccupations and limitations.
For better or worse, the Oval Office to the local ward, one of Hollywood's preoccupations has been films of a political nature, and the timing couldn't be better than to honor them now,'' said Phyllis Caskey, president of Hollywood Entertainment Museum.
Bones and Ash is nonetheless curiously uneven: it is strongest when Zollar uses the narrative as a structural backbone on which to layer more abstract preoccupations about women's lives and identities; often weak when the novel's conceits about "good" vampirism and immortality--utterly compelling, perhaps, in the life of the mind--are played out mimetically onstage.
These included alcohol- and drug-related problems, depression, mania, incapacitating anxiety, bizarre delusions and other psychotic symptoms, bodily preoccupations, and suicide attempts.
The brand was the first action-sports company and now stands as the largest privately held brand in the industry, offering a broad array of products that support youth culture and its attendant preoccupations -- surf, skate, snow and style.