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Synonyms for preoccupation

Synonyms for preoccupation

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for preoccupation

an idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

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Le deuxieme champ de preoccupation ethique relatif aux etudiants concerne l'evaluation des apprentissages.
Au cours de la session de 2005, 16,7 % de toutes les declarations des femmes ont porte sur une preoccupation feminine, par rapport a 3 % de celles des hommes.
Kurlantzick's assessment that, "the preoccupation with DDT is largely a distraction .
Brooks says eating disorders involve not just binging or starving but, as in Wheeler's case, obsession: "Besides anorexia and bulimia, eating disorders or body image problems can take the form of intense preoccupation with weight and appearance, purging or obsessive dieting, and changes in social functioning.
Once a majority of Americans realize his primitive, crude, psychopathic preoccupation, they, too, will demand his impeachment, if not hospitalization.
The Quebec clergy showed an exaggerated preoccupation with their dignity and status; which led to above-and-apart attitudes, a distant relationship with the laity, and the usual expectations of the first place of honour in any public gathering.
I deplore the Anglican Consultative Council's preoccupation with the differences within the church rather than concentration on the faith that unites us (Anglican council censures Canada, U.
In wide swaths of the Southern Hemisphere, including Africa and Latin America, the central preoccupation is economic development and trade.
The average age eating disorders are most likely to be recognized and diagnosed is from 11 to 12 years of age, with children as young as five and six exhibiting an alarming preoccupation with their body and weight.
Life is a stage; we play our part and receive our reward," wrote Vondel, the great poet of the Netherlands, expressing the moral preoccupation of 17th-century Dutch culture (1).
Let's quit picking on commercial television's preoccupation with sex and violence.
Height describes Malcolm X as a "gentle and kind man" whose vision was overshadowed by a preoccupation with his perceived "focus on the white man.
Army deserters were perhaps the single biggest preoccupation, as revealed by hundreds of pages that document the party's payoffs to guards who caught deserters.
A number of common behaviors can be noted by counselors and other practitioners as possible cues: lack of concern about personal welfare; changes in social patterns; a decline in school achievement; altered patterns of sleeping and eating; attempts to put personal affairs in order or to make amends; use or abuse of alcohol or drugs; unusual interest in how others are feeling; preoccupation with death and violence themes; sudden improvement after a period of depression; and sudden or increased promiscuity.