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Synonyms for preoccupation

Synonyms for preoccupation

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for preoccupation

an idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

References in classic literature ?
Again, the matter-of-course statement and tone of dismissal with which he treated what to her were the most stirring thoughts, was easily accounted for as belonging to the sense of haste and preoccupation in which she herself shared during their engagement.
He was on his way out, with an expression of determination on his face, and of preoccupation and worry also.
His preoccupation was caused by something different.
Her thus turning her back on me was fortunately not, for my just preoccupations, a snub that could check the growth of our mutual esteem.
And I showed him an example, and sat down myself in my customary seat and with as fair an imitation of my ordinary manner to a patient, as the lateness of the hour, the nature of my preoccupations, and the horror I had of my visitor, would suffer me to muster.
Upon my word that is true," said Porthos; "but how can you suppose, my dear friend, that in the midst of his great preoccupations General Cromwell has had time to think "
L'emploi, preoccupation absolue L'emploi s'impose comme la preoccupation premiere des Tunisiens.
From the beginning, Rodriguez's preoccupation was not with team, it was with self.
Le Royaume du Maroc suit avec une grande inquietude et preoccupation les evenements survenus, vendredi et samedi, en republique egyptienne soeur ayant fait un grand nombre de morts et de blesses, indique un communique du ministere des Affaires etrangeres et de la Cooperation.
Hollande et Harper "ont exprime une meme preoccupation concernant la gravite de la situation en Syrie et la necessite, pour la communaute internationale, de soutenir la mission de Kofi Annan, envoye special conjoint des Nations unies et de la Ligue arabe", indique le communique.
Khurram Latif Khosa senior counsel for Hamid Saeed Kazmi could not appear in the court due to his preoccupation in SC on Monday for arguments in connection with bail plea of former minister for religious affairs.
Summary: At least ten Arab singers decided to postpone the release of their albums this summer until the end of Ramadan, due to people's preoccupation with the World Cup 2010 games
ma preoccupation premiere, en tant que professeure de philosophie, est de m'assurer que j'eduque mes eleves en respectant une vision, je dirais, humaniste de l'education, plutot qu'une vision instrumentaliste>> (127) et cet enseignant de comptabilite qui ajoute <<une autre preoccupation que j'ai aussi, beaucoup dans les programmes techniques : est-ce qu'on doit former des operants ou des etres humains complets, etc.
La question de savoir en quoi consiste exactement une << preoccupation feminine >>, voire si une telle chose existe, est tres controversee.
What fantasy and science fiction share is a preoccupation with "other" worlds-science fiction with a universe that predictably follows laws of nature; fantasy with a universe boundlessly extended by the author's imagination.