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Synonyms for preoccupancy

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the act of taking occupancy before someone else does

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This can include a literature review related to a design decision; a CHD-led preoccupancy checklist review of the project; a post-occupancy review conducted by CHD staff using a standardized evaluation tool; a pilot study to evaluate a design feature; a study to fill a gap related to a priority research topic defined by CHD and its volunteer-based Research Coalition; or a customized, high-level, high-engagement research initiative for organizations committed to pushing the design paradigm envelope and integrating EBD into the facility lifecycle design process.
elimination of materials that off-gas formaldehyde, wrapping of all ductwork, and preoccupancy flush of the building to eliminate construction dust).
For example, our mobile phone rings whenever the sender wants to talk to us, irrespective of our preoccupancy.
Comparison of strategies to improve indoor air quality at the preoccupancy stage in new apartment buildings, Building and Environment 43: 320-328.
At the conclusion of construction, the construction manager should implement an indoor air quality management plan for the preoccupancy phase.
The State commissioner of labor has the power and duty (1) to delegate, to the State director of the Agriculture Safety and Health Bureau, the power and duties necessary to ensure safe and healthy migrant housing conditions; (2) to supervise the director; (3) to issue preoccupancy certificates to certify that housing for migrant workers has been found to be in compliance with the law; and (4) to conduct postoccupancy inspections of migrant housing in accordance with the provisions of the State General Statutes.