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warning of future misfortune


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In the study at the AHS, premonitory symptoms were prospectively recorded.
It is premonitory that in the issue no 26 of this third period, that is ending, its monographic talks about Research Methodology in Social Pedagogy, with the coordination of an expert in Salamanca University methodology, Maria Cruz Gomez Sanchez, a regular participant in SIPS conferences.
Mass screening and media awareness is needed to educate patients to the significance of premonitory symptoms and to control this important cause of irreversible blindness.
By 2000, we were prepared to begin the first FDA safety and efficacy clinical trial, which was premonitory to a multicenter trial that eventuated in approval to use the da Vinci[TM] surgical robot for mitral valve repair surgery.
Sudden deaths in absence of premonitory signs, pyrexia (104-106F), anorexia, depression, respiratory distress while at rest, dyspnoea, slight frothing at mouth, occulonasal discharges etc.
Thus was set the background for Saul's acerbic, dreadfully painful, funny canvases, premonitory works acquired by a uniquely comprehending art dealer who held them dear for a lifetime.
BBCA) Kyle seeks further confirmation of his premonitory abilities when he insists on speaking to Aumea and learns the meaning of her tattoo.
What he claims in his chapter on Tambora-induced early-American crop failure serves as a frightening leitmotif of the whole book and of our precarious contemporary condition: "the old weather legends revive again to haunt us, this time as premonitory images of our own emerging climate dystopia" (200).
But I did think it was a mightily clever move that she was singing the premonitory words "Lift me up" just before she fell.
One key distinguishing factor is that tics have a premonitory urge and result in a sense of relief after the tic is performed.
Home to Europe's biggest Muslim minority, France struggles to curb the flow of would-be jihadis to Syria and Iraq while being on high alert over the terrorist risk at home; Chesnot and Malbrunot's book looks to have a premonitory quality to it.
Levin blends her account of the rise and fall of Essex with a discussion of the dreams of Joan Notte, whose premonitory dreams about animals threatening the Queen and Sir Robert Cecil seem to reflect popular fears over the danger posed by Essex as well as, more broadly, "a sense that for Elizabethans in some sense their dream of Elizabeth as Gloriana is also ending" (162).
Several studies have tried to identify the premonitory signs and symptoms of fatal LVFWR (Figueras et al 1997; Raitt et al 1993).
Birds, bloody and premonitory, give way to more inviting and hopeful creatures, for example the "Ladybug";
Demshuk cites it with premonitory comments, but he does cite it because it is found in the expellees' reports made when, in search of a dreamland, they discovered devastation.