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Synonyms for premise

Synonyms for premise

something taken to be true without proof

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for premise

a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn

set forth beforehand, often as an explanation

furnish with a preface or introduction

take something as preexisting and given


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References in classic literature ?
Watson's premises and keep away from this section of the country--"
The premises of Mrs Boffin's late father (Canine Provision Trade), you look down into, as if they was your own.
Aunt Pullet was quite willing to take the shortest means of restoring her premises to order and quiet, and it was not long before Mrs.
eTIPS On Premise - Vermont is the web-based version of the TIPS for On Premise program.
If the police desire to continue to search the premises, they may secure the area and seek a search warrant.
Charles Derk, Design and Development Engineer at Lutron, one of the largest and most respected lighting system manufacturers in the world, also thinks Premise has the right answer: "Lutron has always been at the forefront of technology delivering value to our customers.
Eliminating the need for a hardware-based modem, this type of customer premise device utilizes the processing power of the PC, requiring only a small, inexpensive, bridging device at each phone (similar to DSL's micro-filters) to deliver the derived voice services.
The brand Premise Health captures the core of our mission, which is to engage employees and their families in meaningful ways that change behavior and improve health, so they and their employers can be at their best every day," said Stuart Clark, CEO, Premise Health.
The appraiser selects the appropriate premise based on the appraisal's purpose and objective and the property's actual condition.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Autonomic Resources has announced a new cloud service offering, ARC-P(TM) On Premise.
On- premise dollars for beer were also higher, while for wine they were essentially tied with off-premise dollars.
In accordance with Schedule 1 of the said Order and Rule 6 of Order 48 of the County Court Rules (Northern Ireland) 1981, we attach to this notice a plan of the premises delineating; (a) the parts or parts thereof in which intoxicating liquor is to be sold There is in force planning permission to use the premises as premises of the kind specified in this notice for the period during which the licence would be in force and a copy of the planning permission is attached.
Two females were seen leaving the premises from a side door.
In its decision notice the panel said that since 2009 there had been a large number of incidents of disorder, fighting and assaults in and around the premises.
How can such prospective tenants give landlords the comfort level they need that they will be able to regain possession of the demised premises promptly in the event that the tenant defaults?