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Synonyms for preliminary

Synonyms for preliminary

before or in preparation for the main matter, action, or business

serving to introduce a subject or person, for example

not perfected, elaborated, or completed

Synonyms for preliminary

a minor match preceding the main event

something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows

denoting an action or event preceding or in preparation for something more important

References in classic literature ?
The ring was on her hand, the Bishop's benediction had been given, the bridesmaids were a-poise to resume their place in the procession, and the organ was showing preliminary symptoms of breaking out into the Mendelssohn March, without which no newly-wedded couple had ever emerged upon New York.
She had begun, while they were taking coffee, with a determination to shake off what she inwardly called her selfishness, and turned a face all cheerful attention to her husband when he said, "My dear Dorothea, we must now think of all that is yet left undone, as a preliminary to our departure.
The successful series of lively 'Sketches by Boz' dealing with people and scenes about London was preliminary to 'The Pickwick Papers,' which made the author famous at the age of twenty-four.
He usually made a good preliminary general plan and proceeded on the whole with firm movement and strong suspense.
One half of the company was already seated at the card-table, the other half awaited the result of the stereotype preliminary observation of the lady of the house:
Preliminary examinations showed that she was well advanced for a girl of her years, and she was soon a happy member of a class of girls and boys her own age.
For this purpose, let us as a preliminary consider different ways of being conscious.
We may end our preliminary catalogue with BELIEF, by which I mean that way of being conscious which may be either true or false.
All the above remarks are merely preliminary, and will be expanded later.
The efforts of Agafea Mihalovna and the cook, that the dinner should be particularly good, only ended in two famished friends attacking the preliminary course, eating a great deal of bread and butter, salt goose and salted mushrooms, and in Levin's finally ordering the soup to be served without the accompaniment of little pies, with which the cook had particularly meant to impress their visitor.
His escape from us, that evening, was beyond all question the preliminary only to his escape from London.
The only way of providing against this contingency was to send in my name without asking any preliminary questions, and to let him know, at the same time, that I had a serious motive for wishing to see him at that late hour.
said Maggie, when they were outside the door, a slight suspicion crossing her mind as she remembered Tom's preliminary visit upstairs.
Basketball: Women's Tournament Preliminary Round, Group A: China vs Czech Republic.
The nonrequesting spouse can file a written protest and seek an Appeals conference, by requesting it in writing within 30 calendar days of the mailing date of the preliminary determination notice.