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Synonyms for prelection

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

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The strategic placement of the invitation at this point serves several purposes: it allows for a short break to clarify the key elements presented thus far, for not everybody may have heard of Sicily, or the family relations of the characters may need repetition; or it simply may serve to provide a recapitulation, since people's attention at the beginning tends to be low, and it is not hard to imagine members of the public arriving late for the prelection with the corresponding distraction for the audience.
20) Prelection of texts of this kind could be affective as well as instructional.
In the central chapters, Coleman offers a valuable account of prelection at the English, French, and Burgundian courts, introducing us to favoured readers such as Gilles Malet, Charles V's valet, whom Christine de Pizan praised for his 'pointing', or skilful dramatic emphasis, and Guy de Brimeau, lord of Humbercourt and chamberlain to the Dukes of Burgundy, who was praised for his memory and intelligence.
An especially fitting occasion for the prelection of Handlyng Synne would be the arrival of pilgrims.
From October 6th through 11th, VG Unity can be seen online exclusively at the PRElection on the Choose or Lose section of mtv.