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Synonyms for prejudice

Synonyms for prejudice

an inclination for or against that inhibits impartial judgment

irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion

to cause to have a prejudiced view

Synonyms for prejudice

a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

disadvantage by prejudice

influence (somebody's) opinion in advance

References in classic literature ?
But you shouldn't call it a prejudice,' said Clennam.
His views of human nature were the views of Diogenes, tempered by Rochefoucauld; his personal habits were slovenly in the last degree; and his favorite boast was that he had outlived all human prejudices.
I respect your honest prejudices in favor of those boys of mine with all my heart.
The obscurity is much oftener in the passions and prejudices of the reasoner than in the subject.
She had a cultivated mind, and was, generally speaking, rational and consistent; but she had prejudices on the side of ancestry; she had a value for rank and consequence, which blinded her a little to the faults of those who possessed them.
Upon this, Wilkins was immediately summoned; who having confirmed what the captain had said, was by Mr Allworthy, by and with the captain's advice, dispatched to Little Baddington, to inform herself of the truth of the fact: for the captain exprest great dislike at all hasty proceedings in criminal matters, and said he would by no means have Mr Allworthy take any resolution either to the prejudice of the child or its father, before he was satisfied that the latter was guilty; for though he had privately satisfied himself of this from one of Partridge's neighbours, yet he was too generous to give any such evidence to Mr Allworthy.
The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings.
We chose to begin our mission with the lady of the village, and hoped that her prejudice and obstinacy, however great, would in time yield to the advice and example of her husband, and that her conversion would have a great influence on the whole village, but having lost several days without being able to prevail upon her to hear us on any one point, we left the place, and went to another mountain, higher and better peopled.
The lord or governor of the place was a Catholic, and had desired missionaries, but his wife had conceived an implacable aversion both from us and the Roman Church, and almost all the inhabitants of that mountain were infected with the same prejudices as she.
Be it said, that though I had felt such a strong repugnance to his smoking in the bed the night before, yet see how elastic our stiff prejudices grow when love once comes to bend them.
I am surprised I have written so many articles without having brought up Pride and Prejudice yet.
Cairo, Safar 29, 1439, Nov 18, 2017, SPA -- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed that no one can prejudice Egypt's share of water, in the Nile River, explaining that he had been talking with both Ethiopian and Sudanese sides, on several points, especially those related to non-prejudice to Egypt's share of water.
HIV carriers face huge problems mainly because of prejudice and the House human rights committee said it intended to ask the government to grant them a special allowance, it emerged on Monday.
Tenders are invited for ehrc 1718-33 prejudice and unlawful behaviour: developing and running a national barometer of prejudice and discrimination
Prejudice is a constant and powerful enemy of intelligence and objectivity.