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the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles)

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Abbreviations: CR = completion rate, D1-3 = Days 1-3, DoA = degree-of-actuation, DoF = degree-of-freedom, EMG = electromyography, IMES = implantable myoelectric sensors, JAT = joint angle transform, MEC = myoelectric control system, MT = movement time, nTar = no target, PC = postural control, PCA = principal component analysis, PE = path efficiency, PP = palmer prehension, Pt = pretest, RMS = root mean square, S1-4 = subjects 1-4, T = test, Tar = target, Tp = target posture, TMR = targeted muscle reinnervation, VH = virtual hand, VSA = vector summation algorithm.
Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of the University of California Davis (Davis, CA, USA) for evaluation of an abnormal ventral intermandibular distension causing difficulties with prehension and deglutition of food and water.
It embodies the most comprehensive publication on prehension (manual grasping) and hafting (providing a stone tool with a handle or shaft) traces left on stone tools to date.
54) La capacite physique de prehension, developpee entre 3 et 6 mois, decuple cette capacite et accroit progressivement, via l'emprise pratique de l'enfant sur son univers, une premiere comprehension des choses, donc un premier niveau d'intelligence.
And judging by what Whitehead calls "the act of negative prehension," I would be inclined to think that anyone Mr O hEigeartaigh thought a poet would be surely the opposite'.
Data was collected using a 9-question paper survey with 6 questions evaluating perception of knowledge and personal beliefs on a Likert scale, 2 questions assessing term com prehension, an d l question ranking features impacting feelings toward palliative care/euthanasia.
a prehension of an actual entity), b is a primary feeling or process of conceptual reproduction (i.
The study was performed in the framework of a Romanian CNCSIS project Autonomous prehension system to support handicapped human beings or access into dangerous areas.
The multiplicity of cosmic evolutes include the mahat or buddhi (intellect), the ahamkara (ego principle), the manas (lower mind), the ten indriyas (five cognitive senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing and five conative senses of speech, prehension, movement, excretion, and reproduction), the five tanmatras (subtle essences) underlying the five sensory abilities, and the five bhutas (gross material elements of earth, water, fire, air and space).
A possibility is never nowhere, but always embedded in a spatiotemporal context where it is available for prehension by the situated agents emerging as the successors of that context.
As might be expected of such an introductory work, parts of the discussion may leave the reader asking for further elaboration and clarification, particularly with regard to such notoriously difficult metaphysical topics as creativity, prehension, concrescence, intensity (understood as non-conscious feeling or enjoyment of experience), and other technical notions.
first discuss categories of robotic prehension, followed by end- effector design and control, and robotic manipulation and kinematics.
154) warning against comparative diagnoses in the domain of manual or daily living skills: There is "no possibility of comparing the blind and sighted child in an item-by-item inventory of prehension and no possibility of fairly scoring these items using sighted-child criteria.
This level of meta-narrative comment in which irony provides the basic template for com prehension is a form of investigative operation which blurs the pre-supposed objectivity and realism of the play.
Reading com- interest Piggo" prehension strategies 3.