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An occasion as present cannot prehend what does not yet exist as object.
A present occasion in a process of becoming is subjectively immediate as it prehends the past, but once that occasion completes its process of becoming, it perishes in subjective immediacy and becomes an object or being.
A subatomic energy-event takes into account and thus prehends its predecessors, but in all probability it does not do so consciously or with the kind of sentience characteristic of animals with central nervous systems.
But when this form is sufficiently different from its predecessor forms within the same society, then the form by its objective novelty becomes the occasion for the emergence of a new higher-order set of actual occasions able to prehend it fully and thereby make it the basis for their individual self-constitution.
He explained "that every prehension consists of three factors: (a) the subject which is prehending, namely, the actual entity in which that prehension is a concrete element; (b) the datum which is prehended; (c) the subjective form which is how that subject prehends that datum.
It is no coincidence that years later Auden bases his definition of the imagination on such a connection, naming it that "natural human faculty" through which we prehend the sacred (Dyer's Hand 459-60).
We draw and prehend from the world in the creation of any particular art work, and that means you draw things you've heard from other people, their behavior and so forth.
There can be no first actual occasion for the reason that what it means to be an actual occasion is to receive influence from the past (to prehend it or grasp it, rather than intellectually apprehend it), and then to exhibit self-motion in de-cisive response to such influence so as to bequeath such a decision to future actual occasions.
Because of the progressive inability of the bird to prehend seed, the owners supplemented the diet with water-soaked monkey chow.
Through perception, I prehend the potentiality of a past that already is.
Whitehead is arguing that reality is complex beyond our ability fully to prehend, much less to articulate what we have prehended.
But especially when competing activities hold the key to survival, the novel behavior may also divide a species, causing a split between those members that prehend and imitate the novel action and those that do not, which potentially creates new varieties, and even new species.
So when an actual entity, as an experiencing subject, prehends an external object, it is perceiving, experiencing, and feeling that object.
Unlike logically determinative apprehension that prehends things in constituent parts, aesthetic comprehension attempts to take things in as organic wholes.
In this ongoing process, God prehends every new event into the divine consequent nature and gives new initial aims to every ongoing experience on the basis of what has already transpired.