prefrontal lobotomy

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surgical interruption of nerve tracts to and from the frontal lobe of the brain

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and Mary Frances Robinson (1945) "An evaluation of prefrontal lobotomy through ward behavior".
I was saddened to hear that Rosemary Kennedy had died, not because she had lived a limited life because of an injury that she may have got at birth, but because she was further crushed into a helpless state by a team of psychiatrists using a savage prefrontal lobotomy.
Psychotherapy sometimes offered temporary relief, but more radical forms of therapy invariable proved either useless or even disastrous - such as, for example, the use of prefrontal lobotomy as illustrated in the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.
In point of fact, studies of split-brain subjects produced by prefrontal lobotomy suggest that each hemisphere may have a separate consciousness.
In fact, Diseases of the Nervous System (1947) reported radical treatment in the absence of any knowledge beyond the symptoms of a syndrome: "The chief criterion for prefrontal lobotomy is not any certain psychiatric diagnosis, but rather a certain syndrome or constellation of symptoms which add up to psychic tension.