prefrontal lobe

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the anterior part of the frontal lobe

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He added that the results did not reveal a significant relationship between enhanced neuronal activation and the increase in the number of driving errors, most likely because the near infrared spectroscopy measurements were recorded from a single site, the prefrontal lobe.
The inclusion criterion for the frontal group was the presence of damage in the prefrontal lobe confirmed by neuroimaging and the neuropsychological assessment performed.
All in all, this suggests that a factor of what we call intelligence has a biological basis in the number of nerve fibres in the prefrontal lobe and the stability of neuronal activity that this provides," says Fredrik Ull'n.
In our study we found that under the circumstance of sleep deprivation, the prefrontal lobe has shown significant activation along with declining performance of Go/No-go tasks.
When an inmate has both an increased emotional response and a dysfunctional prefrontal lobe, the probability of impulsively violent behavior increases substantially.
What scientists are now discovering is that each of us has a "tilt"--a tendency for either our left or right prefrontal lobe to get activated no matter what is happening.
25) More recently, Norena et al (26) and Weisz et al (27) compared auditory evoked potentials in patients with tinnitus and in healthy controls, and they suggested that tinnitus might occur as the result of a dysfunction in the top-down inhibitory processes that originate in the prefrontal lobe.
New research shows that the part of the brain responsible for happiness - the left prefrontal lobe - is consistently active in experienced Buddhists, and from September 10-13 visitors will be able to try and follow their example.
The spot in the brain called the left prefrontal lobe plays a major role in foresight, planning and self control.
For example, lead's ability to impair function of the prefrontal lobe, where impulsivity is regulated, may be a factor, Needleman says.
Subcortical projections of the prefrontal lobe of the monkey.
In particular, frontal lobe and prefrontal lobe dysfunction have been suggested (Hynd et al.
39] In first-episode schizophrenia reductions of the gray matter in the anterior cingulate gyrus and in the right parietal lobe were reported by 15 to 25% of studies and reductions of the gray matter in the inferior frontal lobe and the medial prefrontal lobe were also reported.
Schizophrenia patients and their unaffected relatives have smaller volumes of prefrontal lobe gray matter, a new report suggests.