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formation of a word by means of a prefix

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The two word-formation processes that take part in the formation of adjectives in Old English are both of an affixal nature: prefixation and suffixation.
To the best of our knowledge, data on the medium used for prefixation storage, use of pathology ink, or method used to set the dye, and their influence on immunohistochemistry, have not been reported.
Example [4] above shows that in Nambya a sequence of two vowels created by prefixation results in the deletion of the first vowel.
As can be gleaned from Table 5, semantic categories such as diminutives, feminine gender and augmentatives are regularly and productively derived in Zulu by means of suffixation, while in the case of locatives, prefixation takes place often in combination with the suffix -ini.
As this study engages in the identification of closing suffixes, the words containing double prefixation have been disregarded.
Fewer notions appear to favor prefixation, one claimed such case being person agreement (Enrique-Arias 2002).
After prefixation, the specimens were washed several times with the same buffer and then postfixed in 1% osmium tetroxide dissolved in 0.
ty and hwy 1 the base-vowel a is centralized to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with the prefixation of k-, e.
Furthermore, lack of requirement for prefixation and complete elimination of formalin and xylene from the system are important for the safety of personnel; the method also minimizes the cost of recycling or disposal of these chemicals.
Within non-basic nouns there are 3488 affixed nouns (351 by prefixation and 3137 by suffixation) and 9091 compound nouns.
Pulleyblank (2008) argues persuasively that Yoruba is a case of vowel prefixation with concomitant copy consonant epenthesis (as in our analysis of Spokane, above), and we will assume here the same is true for Nupe as well.
3) Failure of harmony in prefixation and compounding
Contrary to L sub 'under' which was eroded phonetically the OE under + X (noun or verb) has not reached the stage of prefixation with no word accent at all.
The study is therefore an attempt to ascertain whether purely formal parameters of the verb could motivate the use of the prefix, or whether this type of prefixation was fully independent of the formal factors.