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Antonyms for prefix

an affix that is added in front of the word

attach a prefix to

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For discontinued commodity indexes, series identifiers combine a "wdu" prefix (not seasonally adjusted) or a "wds" prefix (seasonally adjusted) with a commodity code.
Minimum logic depth prefix tree with high fan-out for certain computation nodes are described in Sklansky adder (1960).
CESMO compatible, PREFIX can contribute and receive data from coalition partners operating in the Land, Sea and Air domains, critical for combined missions.
In addition to this offer, Nawras customers can also use the same prefix from 6am until 8pm to benefit from a 15 per cent tariff reduction on the second minute of an international call as well as a 30 per cent reduction on the third minute onwards.
Officials said the 052 prefix will be launched in the first quarter of 2012.
The new prefix code, granted by the Telecommunications
The new prefix code number was granted by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, or TRA.
On the other side of the prefix coin, 03 numbers have seen a boost in popularity, because they cost the same to call as a regular landline and are included in "free minutes" packages on mobile contracts.
In this note I present a number of English pseudoantonyms involving the prefix RE-.
Since these considerations call into question whether imma- is a distinct prefix, and not simply a compound of two or more prefixes derived from ba-, addressing the issues raised by them would have strengthened the case for including imma- in the system he puts forward.
Enter the prefix Y14-M- and the cell serial number (SN) in the PBUSE "Serial_Num" field (Example: Y14-M-12345).
LOS ANGELES, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- IndieClick, the leading lifestyle media network for integrated advertising campaigns, announced today their exclusive two year partnership with the music destination Prefix Magazine.
com)-- Custom Toll Free, a national leader in search, marketing and provisioning of vanity toll free numbers, announced today that it has created a unique platform for reservation of the newly announced 855 prefix.
The committee took notice on the use by certain lawyers of the prefix or suffix of their previous designations, ex-judge, ex-attorney general and ex-advocate general etc for attracting clientage," a statement issued by the NJPMC said.
Therefore BT can put any combination of eight digits after the 029 prefix.