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a phenomenon that serves as a sign or warning of some future good or evil

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The ceiling, to cite just one example, portrays Jonah with the fish beside him turned towards God, as a prefigurement of the resurrection, symbol of the New Covenant that takes the place of the Old Covenant.
This includes characters, not as individual agents of narrative action, but as bearers of a prefigurement that needs to be fulfilled: 'the figure's fulfilment ultimately dictates all of its prior existence.
The much-persecuted Yakov Bok, hero of The Fixer, is a rather inadequate Holocaust prefigurement in Christological guise who also repeatedly invokes the name of Spinoza.
Christianity assumes a vertical conception of time as prefigurement and fulfillment of scriptural truth, a "simultaneity-along-time" (Anderson 24), whereas the nation unfolds along a horizontal axis of what Anderson describes after Walter Benjamin as "homogeneous empty time" (24) measured by the calendar and the clock.
Interestingly, the famous nineteenth-century Italian critic, Pio Rajna, in another prefigurement of Bakhtin, declared that the Renaissance romance poems, including Gerusalemme liberata, were novels, not epics (Rajna 16).
Just as the ouvert goal is tonally weaker than the clos, its prefigurement here is mensurally weaker than the prefigurement of the clos in measures 102, falling in the middle of the measure.
11) We see then a cultural prefigurement of Kierkegaard's concept of indirect communication: the absence of objective moral authority allows the ethical meaning to be communicated indirectly, in a way that requires the reader to appropriate the meaning for himself.
Perhaps he cuts his throat, which would be a prefigurement of all the blood sacrifices to come.
She was the great prefigurement of the 20th-century feminist dream.
Raising Jeremiah from the cistern is a prefigurement of the Resurrection.
28) Because of this distortion, one must look elsewhere for a prefigurement of the mediating role of labor in the story's competition between different kinds of growth: namely, the scene depicted in "Tiff's Garden," a prelude to both Nina's and Tiff's conversion to Christianity.
The novel idea that the epistemological tests of an obscure ancient Greek may serve as an illuminating philosophical prefigurement of Frost's epistemology does seem worth pursuing.
Chapter 6 of George Eliot's novel, Silas Marner, is set, it will be recalled, in the public house called The Rainbow, a name suggestive of the biblical covenant and the Christian prefigurement that situates grace in Nature, in contrast to the destructive deluge in The Mill on the Floss.
The Dido "knot" resides between two flames, we might say: the prefigurement of her rekindled love, now for Aeneas (she confides to her sister Anna: "agnosco veteris vestigiae flammae," Bk.
Given Shakespeare's possible familiarity with the above moral topos and Hamlet's several direct references to the ethical question of suicide, the playwright may well have intended his audience to recognize in the play's leadoff role of the dutiful guard a prefigurement of the central protagonist's final moral stance.