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Synonyms for prefiguration

an example that prefigures or foreshadows what is to come

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the act of providing vague advance indications

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Prefiguration grounds the many disparate Occupy sites and provides an ideology from which they operate.
It is at this point that he or she moves from a conscious configuration of events as a means of understanding back to the intuitive understanding of his or her world (from this new orientation) that is represented by prefiguration (mimesis (1)).
In addition to this practical pre-understanding, prefiguration incorporates a variety of different modes of comprehension.
That capacity itself renders music utopian, for it is this better world and the attempt at and experience of its prefiguration that is the defining character of utopianism.
It was dedicated to Cardinal Domenico Grimani, bishop of Porto and patriarch of Aquileia, but did not meet with the approval of the cardinal, who disagreed with Marullo's heretical tropology, which offered David as a prefiguration of Christ, notwithstanding the fact that he committed adultery with Uriah's wife Bathsheba and then killed Uriah.
The element of caricature plays a role in such drawings as Nude Man and Woman (1913), a prefiguration of Thurber; its most striking feature, however, is the manner in which he has delineated the fingers and toes, making them resemble tines rather than digits, with no hint of modelling; a characteristic carried through into the relief of Wrestlers, of similar date.
Weinberger's Franklin observes the world with disenchanted eyes--a prefiguration of Plunkitt of Tammany Hall?
12), Librett aims to show that, with respect to textual interpretation, "the movement from prefiguration to fulfillment is not simply a movement from reality to reality, because both terms are marked by a certain nonreality or figurality, nor is it simply a movement from figural to literal, because both terms are divided between their figurality and their literality" (p.
Francis Fukuyama has recently written a description of this angelicized context, developing the theme of a world unified after the triumph of liberal ideology, by proposing the idea that the World Wide Web was in fact the prefiguration of global society, of this dynamic and integrally pacified totality to which it remains for us to ally ourselves.
At its best, Gerstl's work might be described as a prefiguration of an uneasy marriage between Fairfield Porter and Frank Auerbach.
Le chantier de prefiguration du Musee du Fjord notamment, mene de 1998 a 2000, a autorise cette exploration vers de nouveaux modeles de fonctionnement que nous souhaiterions voir un jour en application, voire meme en operation.
Starkey draws on both literary and historical evidence to argue that the prince's reading and personal background would already have created an enthusiasm for matters Arthurian, and proposes an interpretation of Malory that sees the life of Arthur as a prefiguration of the career of Henry V.
L'itineraire parisien a ete comme une premiere esquisse de l'itineraire picard : Theodore quitte le quarrier de Grenelle, ou a eu lieu l'exercice du matin, et, passant par la place Louis-XV, la rue de Rivoli, la rue Gaillon, la rue de la Michodiere, la rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, il aboutit a l'immeuble de son pere, rue des Martyrs, dans le quartier de la Nouvelle-Athenes, ou il bouscule sans le vouloir, sous le porche, la jeune femme d'un officier qui a d'ores et deja choisi le parti de Bonaparte: prefiguration du commandant Degeorges, et des innombrables correspondances, echos, superpositions, equivalences qui vont emailler l'ensemble de la fresque.
But there is no inevitability to prefiguration, and whether that connection gets developed depends upon the emergence of a consciousness within the Green movement that ecosocialism is in fact its destiny.
For me, Jesus is the image of - the prefiguration of - the highest manifestation of humanness: the unlimited capacity for all-inclusive love, His death on the cross the ultimate act of altruism.