preference shares

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stock whose holders are guaranteed priority in the payment of dividends but whose holders have no voting rights

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Trading in non-convertible redeemable preference shares and privately-placed redeemable preference shares, experts say, will give people one more liquid investment option.
Fortis has granted the underwriters an underwriters option to purchase an additional 2,000,000 Preference Shares at the same offering price.
New York City time, on March 12, 2010 (the "Series A Expiration Date"), holders of the Series A Preference Shares had validly tendered and not subsequently validly withdrawn 20.
preference shares may convert the preference shares held by them into an
The Series J Preference Shares will commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on April 30, 2004 under the symbol BPO.
i) the offer letter (the "CRPS Offer Letter") dated 12 October 2009 issued by the Acquiror to the holders (the "Preference Share Holders") of the convertible redeemable preference shares (the "CRPS") in the capital of GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte.
The Preference Shares will be offered in all provinces of Canada by way of a supplement to the Corporation's short form base shelf prospectus dated May 10, 2012.
As described in the Purchase Offer Memorandum and Proxy Statement dated as of January 29, 2010, and the accompanying Proxy, Consent and Letter of Transmittal (together, the "Offer Documents"), RAM Re is offering to purchase Class B Preference Shares at a price per share equal to $25,000.
Preference Shares or Second Preference Shares respectively as at 6.
Consolidated Mercantile Incorporated announces that shareholders at a Special Meeting to be held on November 12, 2003 will be asked to pass a special resolution authorizing the Company to amend its Articles to vary the attributes attaching to the issued and outstanding Series 1 Preference Shares of the Company.
Admission to the CSX became effective and dealings in the Preference Shares commenced at 5:00 p.
announced today that it has elected to redeem all of its outstanding Series 2 Preference Shares for an aggregate redemption price of approximately $57.
The rating on the series 1 preference shares addresses the ultimate payment of a 2% coupon and the ultimate repayment of principal.
Triton Energy Limited (NYSE: OIL) announces the declaration of the semi-annual dividend on its 5% convertible preference shares.
10% Series A Preference Shares (NYSE: RNRPRDA; CUSIP: G7496G 20 2) for mandatory redemption on January 15, 2007.