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a chief officer or chief magistrate

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Por inicio de cuentas, habra que puntualizar que La dictadura enana no solo apoya la comprension del porfiriato, pues el autor no perdio de vista que el sistema prefectoral fue un fenomeno de larga duracion, asi lo demuestra en su exposicion de resultados.
This was a paradoxical but plausible rationalization which the prefectoral authorities found themselves obliged to endorse when arguments erupted in Bitche between those who wanted the names of all the fallen to be included on the memorial, including Jews of German nationality, and their opponents, among whom was the abbe brother of a 'French' casualty (Kidd, 1999: 67-8).
the presidents of regional assemblies and prefectoral and provincial councils,
25 The sources on the forced economic integration and on prefectoral interference in local elections are legion.
Finally in 1954 he became Minister of the Interior and acquired control of the electoral machinery of the French prefectoral corps.
The operation concerns the ZAC of the district of the cole polytechnique created by prefectoral order in 2012 for a development of 870 000 m 2 of SPC on a perimeter of approximately 250 ha.
Deja, en 1930, un arrete prefectoral interdisait la circulation automobile et les charrettes de 10h a 12h30 et de 16h a 20h dans cette rue, a rappele le responsable.
Elles ont ete aussi saluees par le president du conseil de la ville de Rabat, Fathallah Ouallou et le president du conseil prefectoral de Rabat, Abdelkader Tatou.
Par ailleurs, l'arrete prefectoral du 25 avril 1995 classe les rives du Loiret en ZPPAUP, soit lune des premieres a l'echelle de la France.
Progressively, AIDS plans were developed and implemented at the prefecture level by prefectoral health councils.
Administrative continuity characterized many government agencies, including the Cour des Comptes, the Inspectorate of Finance, the Council of State, the judiciary, the diplomatic corps, and the prefectoral corps.
rhus County, DK/PSE) and Mr Evngelos Kouloumb[inverted exclamation mark]s (Member of the board of the Association of Greek Prefectoral Authorities, GR/PSE);14.
35) The new establishment simply required internal regulations that did not demand prefectoral sanction.
Leur enthousiasme pour ce qu'il ont cru etre un << ur-No >> primitif, enflamme par le boom recent de la nostalgie, a eleve ce rituel de village au rang de << tresor prefectoral >> et l'a transforme en une attraction touristique nationale.
For example, several econometric studies found that the rate of return on public investment is positively related to prefectoral income and is twice as large in high as in low-income prefectures(27) [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 24 OMITTED].