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a chief officer or chief magistrate

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Le Don was instantly released, upon our narration of the circumstances (with some comments from Dupin) at the bureau of the Prefect of Police.
Nevertheless, that he failed in the solution of this mystery, is by no means that matter for wonder which he supposes it; for, in truth, our friend the Prefect is somewhat too cunning to be profound.
This he did not possess for long, for two things made him hated and despised; the one, his having kept sheep in Thrace, which brought him into contempt (it being well known to all, and considered a great indignity by every one), and the other, his having at the accession to his dominions deferred going to Rome and taking possession of the imperial seat; he had also gained a reputation for the utmost ferocity by having, through his prefects in Rome and elsewhere in the empire, practised many cruelties, so that the whole world was moved to anger at the meanness of his birth and to fear at his barbarity.
Rabourdin, who said to himself: "A minister should have decision, should know public affairs, and direct their course," saw "Report" rampant throughout France, from the colonel to the marshal, from the commissary of police to the king, from the prefects to the ministers of state, from the Chamber to the courts.
Later, he had changed it himself, for he had found the name of Fernandez hated by prefects of police, jefes politicos, and rurales.
Carwyn the Blameless, Carwyn the Head Prefect, Carwyn sidestepping on shadows in a sunlit park as a very young player, 'so little body, so much mind, and big ears that stuck out
During the visit, the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities were able to examine the issue of de-concentration of power in France; features appointment, status, career and objectives of Prefect, the role of the National School of Administration (ENA) in education of Prefects, prefectural mission, governance structure, interaction with authorities (the President and Government), Prefects cooperation with local authorities and many other issues related to the functioning of the Institute of prefects in France.
55 Salisbury There was a huge track bias at Newbury when Prefect made his second start 25 days ago, with those who raced on the stands' side seemingly treading water in the final couple of furlongs compared with the group of runners in the centre of the course (the first home on the stands' side finished tenth, three places in front of Prefect).
Muscat: Hisham Mohammed Al Hashmi, a Takatuf scholar from Ibra, has taken to English boarding school like a duck to water, joining extracurricular activities and even becoming a prefect.
The landmark moment was celebrated in the presence of Jean-Francois Carenco, Prefect of the Rhone-Alpes region and Prefect of the Rhone area, Gerard Collomb, Senator-Mayor of Lyon and President of Greater Lyon, Jean-Jack Queyranne, Chair of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council and a former minister, Danielle Chuzeville, Chair of the general Rhone Council, Claire Dreyfus-Cloarec, Chairwoman of the Lyon Airports Supervisory Committee and Graham Stirk, head architect and partner of the firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.
From left: Almondbury Community School prefect Josh Young, U3A Y |activities organiser Ted Duggan and Huddersfield Giants Heritage Project leader Brian Heywood
Deputy senior prefect Ben Roberts, aged 15, from Great Barr, got involved by donning a replica soldier's uniform he wears to historical re-enactments.
CRACKLEY Hall School announced its new prefect body at their annual Prize Giving Ceremony held at Leamington's Royal Spa Centre.
In an interview, Zollitsch said that the Prefect of the CDF is not the Pope and that Muller's position only represents "Tradition.
Or is he perhaps under pressure from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and its prefect, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Muller?