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existing previously or before something

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Our plan will make health care more affordable and accessible by lowering premiums for those on Obamacares individual market, providing prescription drug coverage for our seniors, and protecting those with preexisting conditions.
The Senate legislation, expected to be voted on next week, follows a widely criticized House bill that would also overhaul the Affordable Care Act, in its case giving states the option of denying coverage or raising premiums for those with preexisting illness.
The announcement also amends the transition rules for completing due diligence on preexisting obligations.
Problems in covering people with preexisting conditions stem primarily from how our largely employerbased, and voluntary, private health insurance system has evolved.
Under the ACA, health plans are barred beginning in 2014 from discriminating against adults with preexisting conditions.
The taxpayers had the preexisting companies enter into contracts with the newly formed companies whereby the new companies would perform services for the preexisting companies.
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) presented its program, the Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP), that will lower premiums and ease eligibility standards for preexisting conditions for those denied coverage.
And Americans living with preexisting conditions are being freed from discrimination in order to get the health coverage they need.
SEATTLE -- A gestational age of 38-39 weeks appears to be the optimal time for delivery in pregnant women with preexisting hypertension when both fetal and neonatal risks are weighed, an observational population-based study has shown.
One of the hallmarks of the I Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is that people with preexisting medical conditions will no longer be denied coverage by insurance companies.
President Obama has signed legislation that states that insurance companies must provide coverage for all persons, even those with preexisting health conditions.
Phase 2 explored whether children's preexisting background knowledge influenced the effects of taxonomic organization on their vocabulary and concept learning.
Although major pharmaceutical companies do not appear to be rejecting the proposal in FDA's draft guidance on drug-induced liver injury that trials enroll patients with preexisting liver disease, according to comments submitted on the draft, the companies would like to see more clarification on how such patients should be included.
Obtain a client's complete medical history early in the case so you can anticipate defenses related to preexisting conditions.
The study results showed clinical safety, and that the TRC treatment sites all exhibited bone growth that was statistically significant and had the desired initial integration with preexisting bone.