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Synonyms for preexistent

existing previously or before something

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Plain radiographs visualized progression of the preexistent osteoarthritis of the STT-joint.
The fourth-century Greek theologian Athanasius of Alexandria rejected the Platonist teaching that God made all things out of preexistent matter.
First, for a composer who destroyed almost all of his sketches and drafts, Brahms's treatment of this preexistent material affords a rare view of his compositional strategies down to the level of the motive and phrase.
Slightly later, the Christian Gospel of John (which opens "In the beginning was the Word") "recasts Genesis 1:1 into a revelation of the preexistent, perfect Christ.
Lot of support from local health care fraternity and Ministry of Health in relation to a preexistent void in the realm of rehabilitation medicine make it a dire need to operate a centre of this calibre here," Rina nods appreciatingly.
The contradiction concerns the doctrine of creation from a preexistent matter, one proposition branding the doctrine as theologically unacceptable, the other acknowledging its acceptability.
It is argued that Aristotle's central innovation, the sense of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] most useful to his project in the treatise, is the kind of capacity characteristic of the preexistent matter for substance.
Sirventes were frequently based upon the rime or metrical structure or melody of a pre-existing song, generally a canso (a love song); they are but one indicator of a broader and even older troubadour practice that Torn Gruber has dubbed a "dialectics," in which a troubadour may take up with subtle alterations a sequence of keywords, a rime pattern, or a metrical scheme used by another, in order either to link his song to the preexistent one, or to revise its themes.
Rising up between 11th and 12th avenues, in the midst of preexistent cookie-cutter buildings destined to surround it, Ingels' design reads almost like a Klingon warship establishing hegemonic control over the Far West Side.
Exposure to diabetes in utero was defined as the presence of preexistent diabetes or gestational diabetes diagnosed during the index pregnancy.
In contrast to Roman rulers, Jesus the Word is preexistent.
The "kenosis," of course, is the self-emptying of 2:7, which he understands as the self-emptying in incarnation of the preexistent Son, who "did not consider his equality with God as something to be exploited for his own advantage" (2:6).
Cobb, on the other hand, starts with process theology's emphasis on the autonomous activity of the entities that compose the world, and then criticizes neo-Darwinism for neglecting such activity: 'this is an independent variable that must be added to the nature that selects, the preexistent organism, and the genome.
Whenever gun owners surrender the premise that Rights are preexistent and therefore supersede the institution of human government, they have established a faulty foundation from which to base further argument.
Since under overload ventricular epicardial activation sequence remained largely unaltered, along with the changes in local repolarization durations, aggravating the preexistent differences in the repolarization durations, the repolarization sequence under the increase of the LV afterload was similar to the baseline one with the earliest repolarization being in the posterobasal region of RV and the latest repolarization in the lateral surface and the apex of the LV.