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existing previously or before something

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We excluded parturients with multiple preexistent or pregnancy-related noninfectious complications, or with clinically evident intraamniotic infection (10).
It synthesizes Pauline Christology under five headings: (1) Christ, the Divine Savior: (2) Christ: Preexistent and Incarnate Savior: (3) Jesus as a Second Adam; (4) The Jewish Messiah and Son of God: and (5) Jesus: Jewish Messiah and Exalted Lord.
Plato, on Maimonides's view, held that the order and structure of the world were created de novo, but not ex nihilo since the world was formed from preexistent matter that is eternal.
It makes a difference, for instance, that Mark contains nothing about the preexistent Logos who, in the beginning, was with God and who was God and who became flesh and lived among us (John 1:1, 14).
This is problematic because the Stravinsky-Balanchine compositional order, in which Balanchine superimposed choreography on preexistent scores, reversed that of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky-Marius Petipa, in which Tchaikovsky composed for preexistent choreography.
Rather, the experiences themselves are inescapably shaped by prior linguistic influences such that the lived experience conforms to a preexistent pattern that has been learned, then intended, and then actualized in the experiential reality of the mystic" (p.
At the same time, he claims that too little emphasis has been given to the earthly life, death, and resurrection of Christ--perhaps due largely to the influence of Harnack's reading of Justin and subsequent scholarly curiosity about the preexistent Logos (one thinks, for example, of Carl Andresen's influential Logos und Nomos [1955] and Knut Ragner Holte's article "Logos Spermatikos" [1958]).
Our reading from the prophet may well have been in Jesus' mind as he, the very One whom the church confesses as the preexistent Word of God, tells his story of the sower.
This slim, volume provides us with more than an edition of pieces not readily available in modern sources: it is a carefully selected anthology that only an expert could compile, providing us with a historical overview of representative works in several genres to illustrate the popular practice in the late fifteenth an d early sixteenth centuries of amplifying preexistent works with an optional voice.
Citing Wittgenstein, "do you have the thought before finding the expression," Hagberg considers a number of aesthetic descriptions of art works and facial expressions and again is unable to discover any simple preexistent meaning logically independent and prior to the work or the expression.
Paul later picks up this image in 1 Cor 10:4 as evidence of the preexistent Christ already active in Israel's history.
In the same line of thought, based on Peri Archon, one must add that "Origen never embraced (the) doctrine (of the preexistent soul), either as an hypothesis or as an edifying myth" (89).
Some of these "new" works were pasticcio rearrangements from Handel's oeuvre, mixing and matching arias and choruses from preexistent oratorios, while other "new" works mixed older selections from Handel with new numbers by younger composers.
If one insists with Ratzinger that the preexistent Church is only the universal Church apart from the local churches, then one has opted for an ecclesiological abstraction.
3-5): the inclusion in the preface of a summary of Handel's known use of preexistent material appropriated from himself and others into the serenata, as well as his reuse of material from it in later works.