preemptive bid

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a high bid that is intended to prevent the opposing players from bidding

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If the cost of releasing information in the final round is large, then the seller may find it better to accept any preemptive bid exceeding a critical level.
But, to Losak's dismay, ABC Family also saw the numbers "7th Heaven" was harvesting in syndication and offered Paramount (which had swallowed Worldvision in a merger) a preemptive bid to land exclusive rights to the series.
The parcel was acquired in a preemptive bid from the sellers, Electric Switchboard Inc.
The Tribune-owned stations will engineer a preemptive bid for "Queens" because it's a tailor-made companion piece to "Everybody Loves Raymond," whose reruns are now a staple of most Tribune outlets.
Long known as the master of the preemptive bid and for his ability to coax owners to sell him buildings off-market, Murray Hill Properties' principal, Norman Sturner, expressed at a recent NRC luncheon how difficult it is getting lately to employ such techniques--typically used by investors hoping to bag a highly contested asset at just below the stratospheric pricing a bidding war is sure to produce.
NBC walked away from renewing the rights to National Football League games four years ago when CBS came up with a preemptive bid, agreeing to pony up a license fee of $4 billion for an eight-year term.
Because the current market is so unpredictable, in that prices for an asset routinely rise to levels far beyond what was expected at a sales auction's outset, it has become nearly impossible, brokers say, to properly forecast just how high a competitive preemptive bid should be.
ABC doesn't need the NBA as badly as NBC does, however, so Pilson says NBC should emerge the winner, even to the point of offering a preemptive bid during the exclusive negotiating period of Sept.
With a winning $175 mil lion offer and a bold plan to convert the 15-story building, which has been the Times' home since 1913, into office and ground floor retail space, Tishman Speyer swept the deal off the table in a preemptive bid at the start of the auction's second stage.