preemptive bid

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a high bid that is intended to prevent the opposing players from bidding

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If the cost of releasing information in the final round is large, then the seller may find it better to accept any preemptive bid exceeding a critical level.
In a preemptive bid, Twentieth Century Fox has purchased the motion picture rights to Michael Crichton's upcoming novel, PREY, it was announced today by Hutch Parker, President of TCF.
Sturner also has also been called a master of the preemptive bid, a maneuver in which a buyer tries to win a building mid-auction by offering a price higher than competing bidders but perhaps less than what the property would trade for if its price were to be bid up in the auction's later rounds by competing buyers.
Therefore, I strongly suggest that you use the momentum afforded by the Oracle proposal to seek to sell the Company either (a) in an auction process in an expeditious manner to the highest credible bidder or (b) by accepting a preemptive bid at a compelling valuation.
The parcel was acquired in a preemptive bid from the sellers, Electric Switchboard Inc.
Long known as the master of the preemptive bid and for his ability to coax owners to sell him buildings off-market, Murray Hill Properties' principal, Norman Sturner, expressed at a recent NRC luncheon how difficult it is getting lately to employ such techniques--typically used by investors hoping to bag a highly contested asset at just below the stratospheric pricing a bidding war is sure to produce.
Because the current market is so unpredictable, in that prices for an asset routinely rise to levels far beyond what was expected at a sales auction's outset, it has become nearly impossible, brokers say, to properly forecast just how high a competitive preemptive bid should be.