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designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence

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indicating that preemptive strikes on the regime to curb the nuclear threat posed by Kim Jong Un, were not off the table for the country.
PreEmptive Analytics provides an end-to-end solution connecting development and operations to provide clarity around development priorities, improve application quality and increase operational response, said Gabriel Torok, CEO of PreEmptive Solutions.
By moving to ServerCentral's dedicated platform, PreEmptive is able to focus on protecting and optimizing applications without having to worry about the availability, security, or performance of their applications and data.
Based on these findings, we feel that patients and transplant experts anticipating a preemptive kidney transplant can wait for clinical indications to emerge without any significant loss of survival advantage associated with a preemptive transplant," said Javaid.
Together, the above results therefore call for two amendments to preemptive quarantine protocols.
On April 11, 2003, Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes said he endorsed Sinha's recent comments that India had "a much better case to go for preemptive action against Pakistan than the United States has in Iraq.
Moreover, the administration has invoked this threat to justify a preemptive military strike against Iraq.
The preemptive strike proposal is "repugnant to the sovereignty of nations, dangerous to the stability of Asia and destructive of regional if not global peace.
She criticized Koizumi for not clearly promising in the Diet that Japan will not approve a preemptive attack.
It is true that there can be genuinely defensive preemptive action.
Therefore, preemptive techniques may be most effective in preventing current, operational IR missiles from ever being launched.
For this study, preemptive legislation was defined as legislation that prevents any local jurisdiction from enacting restrictions that are more stringent than the state law or restrictions that may vary from the state law.
The idea behind preemptive analgesia is to head off pain by blocking the central nervous system's response before the surgery occurs.
com), a leading provider of solutions to measure, manage and protect applications, today announced the immediate availability of PreEmptive Analytics for TFS V1.
A radicalized Pakistan might encourage India to make a preemptive strike of its own, and then we'll really get to see some weapons of mass destruction put to their intended use.