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to a preeminent degree

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Because the tourist is preeminently concerned with the unusual, the unique, the picturesque.
They differ on one thing and one thing only: the left wing Keynesians centered at Harvard and MIT believe the way to handle these supposed market imperfections is through fiscal policy, while the right wing Keynesians such as yourself, and others preeminently from the University of Chicago, support monetary policy.
Osama bin Laden's original alQaeda assigned priority to the "Far Enemy" preeminently the United States.
Sosa puts all of this to very productive use in questioning the overarching principle (often more implied than specifically articulated) in the ideologies of memory, redemocratization, and social justice that have prevailed in Argentina since the return to constitutional democracy in 1983 after the 1976-83 neofascist military dictatorship that the legitimacy of public voice belongs preeminently, if not exclusively, to those who are joined by blood to the victims.
Bharatanatyam from southern India; Kathak, preeminently the dance form of the north; Odissi, from Odisha in eastern India; Manipuri from the north-eastern state of Manipur; Kathakali from Kerala at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula; and Chhau which covers a wide swathe of territory in the eastern states of the India.
identifying a property for her clients her focus is preeminently pragmatic.
According to Bin Lazerg, Hadi's popular committees that fight Al Houthi forces in Aden are preeminently made of separatists who hoist the flag of the former south Yemen state in their areas of dominance.
Pius XII was a pope who seemed preeminently prepared to be an oracle on any subject under the sun.
In addition to the rift between Iran and its opponents, there also exists a rivalry between those states, preeminently Turkey and Qatar, that support the Muslim Brotherhood and those, preeminently Egypt and Saudi Arabia, that oppose it.
The first impression one got of the Metagama as she moved gracefully to her moorings was that she was preeminently a children's ship.
Phillips's theme is that the redefinition of "science" and "natural science" was preeminently a question of sociability (rather than methodological philosophy), specifically personal interaction, boundary keeping, and assertions of authority among various social groups.
Madhavi Mudgal comprising of six dance forms representing the diversity of India's culture Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu (and the rest of southern India); Kathak, preeminently the dance of northern India; Odissi, from Odisha in eastern India; Manipuri from Manipur, the north-eastern State of India; Kathakali of Kerala at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula;
We are honored to join with the preeminently creative IBM team in the development of our healthcare analytics program,” said Gull.
is far more extensive than in Germany, while the use of systems where all the recording apparatus are concentrated in the operator's cabin is preeminently American.