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Synonyms for preeminent

Synonyms for preeminent

greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement


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Together, we will be creating a preeminent, global aluminum castings company, combining operations renowned both for technology and quality leadership.
It's the ongoing commitment of the members to improve the Institute that will help us retain TEI's status as the preeminent association of business tax professionals.
launch, and Bauman Books, the preeminent retailer of antique books, opened its doors at 535 Madison.
For example, Kimball centers much o his analysis on showing how episodic changes in the meaning of the word "profession," and its cognates, correspond to changes in the nature of dominant cultural ideals and changes in the preeminent vocation that upheld those ideals While the etymology of "profession" is certainly fascinating and useful, few historians would agree that historical cause and effect can be so easily determined.
Stem, the new dean of the Yale School of Architecture and one of America's preeminent architects, to design its first new-construction luxury condominium development in New York City: The Chatham at 181 East 65th Street, the former site of the renowned Sign of the Dove restaurant.
Recognized all around the world as the preeminent center for fashion retailing, New York City's Madison Avenue is where new trends originate and cutting-edge innovation is created.