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Synonyms for predomination

the state of being predominant over others

the quality of being more noticeable than anything else

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115) Weisberg (1996) at 92 ("The most decisive move, however, made by the higher power against the predomination of grudge and spite, is the establishment of the law, the imperial elucidation of what counts in [the codifier's] eyes as permitted, as just, and what counts as forbidden and unjust.
This predomination could be a reason and also a result of that the red colour is the national colour of the consolidated Han-Chinese nation.
2011) argue that this inconsistency might lead people not to clearly comprehend what comprises IS, we point out that IS is a multifaceted discipline that integrates concepts from many other fields, and that the predomination of IS is demonstrated by the latest innovations and evolution of the PC, Internet, Web 2.
The region climate is characterized as warm tropical and semi-arid, with a predomination of BSw'h' type (KOPPEN; GEIGER, 1928).
The OIC Ministerial Council renewed rejection for the so-called 'Syria Accountability Act', as a violation of UN resolutions, international law, and as predomination of US laws over the international law, renewing their full solidarity with Syria and appreciation for her stance, calling for the supremacy of dialogue and diplomacy as a means for understanding and for ironing out differences among countries.
The results show predomination by the female gender (88%), age older than 60 years old (31%), monthly income inferior to two minimum monthly salaries (34%), and a high satisfaction level in the general assessment.
the context of electronic surveillance that predomination had little
Jingoistic and petty prejudices about the predomination of signposts lettered with foreign languages should not stand in the way of our appreciation of how a beefed-up labour force can benefit our economy and how an increasingly multilingual and multicultural population can benefit our society.