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Synonyms for predominant

Synonyms for predominant

having preeminent significance

most generally existing or encountered at a given time

Synonyms for predominant

most frequent or common

having superior power and influence

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Each law in turn is made by circumstances predominant, and the limits of nature give power to but one at a time.
The costly charm of the ancient tragedy, and indeed of all the old literature, is that the persons speak simply,--speak as persons who have great good sense without knowing it, before yet the reflective habit has become the predominant habit of the mind.
The evaluation of these patients should follow the same general principles as any assessment of any women with incontinence; however, it is essential to define whether urge or stress incontinence is the predominant symptom.
She begins a process of combining phase-oriented psychotherapy--which has been the predominant approach taken in treating complex trauma in adult survivors of childhood abuse--with attachment-informed psychotherapy--which is rapidly becoming the predominant approach for treating children with complex trauma histories.
Predominant age group in present study is 50 to 60 years contributing 40% of study population.
More than half the participants agreed on predominant breeds in only seven dogs.
A foreign assessment has the predominant character of a tax if it is "likely to reach net gain in the normal circumstances in which it applies," but is not a "soak-up" tax that is applied only if a foreign tax credit is available (Regs.
has begun the Promise trial, a prospective, randomized study of multicolumn implantable lead stimulation for predominant low back pain.
7) The major changes are as follows: (1) the cessation of the use of the term bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, (2) the addition of a category of minimally invasive adenocarcinoma, and (3) the classification of invasive adenocarcinoma according to its predominant subtype.
The disorder is classified as being constipation predominant, diarrhea predominant, or alternating, and might be exacerbated by psychological distress.
Its predominant bouncy reggae rhythms and skanking brass will appeal to the No Doubt set, but there's also jacked-up EZ listening like the delightful "Everything, s Just Wonderful" (and, no, it isn't), as well as soft rock and lurching jazz.
Analyses of the peak and predominant toy play of 17 preschool children with mental retardation and 17 preschool children without mental retardation are presented.
clones that are predominant in the human population in their area (7-9).
Whether novice or experienced researcher into the metaphysical subjects of stick signs (purposeful symbols), mane braiding (intricate braids appearing in horses' manes overnight), the predominant Bigfoot theories and why they don't fit the known facts, and the distortions of human history as they have affected our perceptions of Bigfoot, "Backyard Bigfoot" is as informative as it is entertaining, and most especially recommended to the attention of those with an interest in human evolution, lost civilizations, UFOs, ancient artwork, metaphysical studies, and the legendary Sasquatch known in the Himalayan mountains as the Yeti, and in our own North American forests as Bigfoot.
The text examines why pragmatism is the predominant method of modern architecture, and how pragmatism and modern architecture grew from common ideas and events of the mid-19th century, and offers examples of pragmatism at work within the architecture and writings of predominant practitioners and theorists of modern architecture.