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  • verb

Synonyms for predispose

make liable to


  • make liable to
  • lay open to
  • make susceptible to
  • make vulnerable to
  • make prone to
  • put at a risk of

Synonyms for predispose

to have an impact on in a certain way

Words related to predispose

make susceptible

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Compared with patients with predisposing medical conditions, patients with a history of good health had a higher (but not significant) proportion of necrotizing fasciitis (70% vs 47%, p = 0.
3), and among women who did not have a predisposing medical condition than among those who did (7.
Predisposing factors include an individual's or groups' attitude, perceptions, beliefs, behavior, knowledge, and attitudes that either increase or decrease the likelihood of an individual committing an act of violence.
Crestor should be prescribed with caution in patients with predisposing factors for myopathy, such as renal impairment, advanced age and inadequately treated hypothyroidism.
The topics of this year's retreat offered potential new research directions by demonstrating some of the challenges in identifying predisposing factors in complex diseases.
When the clinical picture includes the presence of sinusitis with black discoloration in the nose and palate in addition to a predisposing factor, a diagnosis of RCM should be highly suspected.
Intramuscular NSAIDs are known to cause aseptic necrosis, predisposing the patient to staphylococcal abscesses.
Research so far shows that genetic correlation does not cause homosexuality, but may be a predisposing factor in 10-25% of homosexuals.
CLEVELAND -- Weakened bones (osteoporosis) represent a serious health threat for aging postmenopausal women by predisposing them to an increased risk of fracture.
Environmental Protection Agency, presenters reviewed the scientific evidence for a wider expanse of predisposing factors, including environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure, obesity, dietary fat intake, oxidative stress, and in utero xenobiotic exposures.
The patient had no evidence of immunodeficiency and no predisposing factors for immunocompromise such as alcoholism, diabetes mellitus, or a hematologic disorder.
Miller and colleagues, in a recent review of 32 cases, highlighted the role of neutropenia, intestinal mucosal injury, and exposure to [beta]-lactam antibiotics predisposing to C.
Among women with mutations predisposing them to breast cancer, however, those who develop the disease before they turn 40 are slightly more likely than the others to have had children, according to a new study.
With our study showing mutation of a regulator within a key transcription factor possibly predisposing individuals to inflammatory bowel disease, we hope the field will move one step closer to understanding the genetic basis of this disease and improving diagnosis and treatment," added Christopher Mathew, Professor, Molecular Genetics, King's College of London.
These reactive oxygen species may impair the endothelium-dependent activation of protein C, thus predisposing a patient to thrombosis.