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made susceptible

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My morning's experience of Miss Halcombe had predisposed me to be pleased with everybody in the house; but my sympathies shut themselves up resolutely at the first sight of Mr.
Skimpin, who, being a promising young man of two or three-and-forty, was of course anxious to confuse a witness who was notoriously predisposed in favour of the other side, as much as he could.
Washington, May 4 ( ANI ): Scientists have found that mice lacking one copy of a gene called CTCF have abnormal DNA methylation and are markedly predisposed to cancer, which can provide new hope for breast cancer.
People who have predisposed seizure conditions can be at risk for having seizures.
During her appeal, which was opposed by the Crown, Holdsworth's QC, Henry Blaxland, told the three judges that the doctors who gave evidence at trial "got it wrong" and "collectively failed to diagnose" that the child had a "highly unusual brain", with abnormalities which predisposed him to epilepsy.
The mice were of a type that's genetically predisposed to develop a form of the disease.
If you're living your life as a gay person in spite of all that pressure that pushes people toward the straight end of the continuum, that suggests that you are genetically predisposed.
And the risks were greatest among those who were predisposed to psychosis or had a family history of mental illness, according to research published on the British Medical Journal's website.
It may be predisposed by the presence of tympanoselerotic plaques, although this did not occur in our patient.
Children with psychiatric problems who also have a high risk of developing bipolar disorder respond well to a mood-stabilizing drug, maintains a study that is the first to examine the drug's effect on youngsters predisposed to manic depression.
The people who are predisposed to use drugs and have the opportunity to use drugs are more likely than others to use both marijuana and other drugs," said Andrew Morral, the lead author of the study, which appeared in the December issue of the journal Addiction.
Might such novel proteins cause allergic reactions in genetically predisposed people?
Physicians can intervene with customized advice so that the patient can prevent, modify, or avoid the predisposed condition by better understanding both his or her genetic and environmental risk for disease.
Stress can blow all kinds of gaskets physically, resulting in heart disease, atherosclerosis, an increased risk of stroke, and ulcers in the predisposed person.