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artificially partially digested as by enzymatic action

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Though FJ is safer has got limitations of smaller tubes, lesser quantity of feeds and need for predigested formulas which are costly.
If they do read it, they'll have a much more limited opportunity to develop those crucial grappling skills because the text has already been predigested for them.
Americans are too quick to swallow the predigested theories of public transportation that rely on trains and buses as though that exhausted the subject.
The adult herons feed the chicks by regurgitating predigested food into their mouths.
Specialized digital collections, such as the Goldsmith's-Kress Library of Economic Literature, Early English Books Online (EEBO), or the Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts and the Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation, provide a predigested and coherent, albeit limited and rather narrow, offering of digital resources.
Social work graduate textbooks and other didactic materials are often rudimentary and banal presentations of predigested formulations more suitable for freshmen than graduate students.
So Planet Jedward finds the two chancers/loveable losers turning a range of pop classics and cheesy covers into predigested, electronically-dessicated pap.
Purists could argue that they presented predigested, homogenised versions of material from folk-inlfluenced singers like Bob Dylan, but they also played a major role in brining Dylan's work to a wide audience.
There's nothing more calculated to cause a gritting of the teeth, a shudder of the spirit or even a rising of the gorge than to be voluntarily confined in a Function Room to endure an hour-long ranting by the author in person, of predigested matter now regurgitated, delivered in a monotonous drone.
The crop is a small sack in the digestive system that stores predigested food.
Magorium's Wonder Emporium" is the kind of warm, mushy, predigested pap that haunts theaters every year around this time, and it nearly pulls a muscle trying to arouse a sense of wonder.
But my fear is that they will instead teach a series of predigested truths about keeping our country safe.
In other words, sprouts can be considered as predigested foods, and accordingly, they have a higher biological efficiency value than whole seeds, raw or cooked, which means that--compared to unsprouted seeds--a smaller amount of sprouts will provide more nutrients to the blood and cells.
Occasionally I see ballets that look like a predigested dessert.