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someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)

information that supports a probabilistic estimate of future events

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a computer for controlling antiaircraft fire that computes the position of an aircraft at the instant of a shell's arrival

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Grossman and Lugovskyy (2011) use EG's risk instrument (modified to include a sixth gamble choice) and then have predictors make predictions in one of three treatments.
Few studies report which predictors are most used in current clinical practice, with no consensus on useful weaning predictors being identified among a group of respiratory therapists in North America (10).
Dynamic branch predictors use run-time branch execution history to predict branch direction.
The investigators then looked for novel predictors, including biomarkers.
A second abstract, titled, "Pharmacogenomic Predictors of Patient Response to Chemotherapy Derived from Breast Cancer Cell Lines Combining Knowledge-Based and Data-Driven Methods," has also been selected for poster presentation at the symposium and describes a unique method for incorporating pathway enrichment analysis in developing multi-gene predictors of chemotherapeutic response, further enhancing the biological relevance of the genes identified in the predictors.
For both men and women, younger age was an independent predictor of prescription opioid use and abuse, with the age group 18-25 at the highest risk.
The relatively effective tool for compensation of time-delay term represents the classical Smith predictor which has been known to automation community since 1959 (Smith).
Gender and ethnicity were significant but negative predictors of academic achievement, suggesting that males and Caucasian students obtained higher scores on the math test than did females and non-Caucasian students (see Table 3).
The study not only compared the lifestyle intervention subjects with placebo subjects, but additionally analyzed the effect of each lifestyle change within the lifestyle intervention group--weight loss, a reduced fat diet, and regular exercise--to determine which was the best predictor of reduced diabetes risk.
These principles tic directly to the research cited earlier on predictors of vocational success by focusing on the acquisition of the necessary work behaviors needed for the working environment.
Furthermore, platelet levels at day 14 after TBI was the strongest predictor of survival in these studies, whereas neither neutrophil levels nor days of febrile neutropenia were accurate predictors of survival.
Predictors of stress-related illness in city bus drivers.
DENVER -- Age and low hostility are independent predictors of high blood pressure in women over a 10-year period, suggesting a link between certain personality traits and disease development, Jocelyne Leclerc reported in a poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society.
Although individual predictors of urinary creatinine such as sex, body mass index, and age have been reported, no single research endeavor has documented the predictors in one study population as thoroughly as we reported in our recent article (Barr et al.
Bivariate correlations identified several possible predictors of intended delay with main partners: past delay with both types of partner, importance of health, importance of sex and perceived risk of STDs.