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capable of being foretold

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Look for predictable risk areas/behaviors and correct them.
Alas, Sir Nicholas Stern's report offers no easy options as to how we might cope with what are now predictable increases in temperature coming our way.
In a nutshell: Florida seniors overcome loss by looking for love in this predictable rom-com, which steers clear of condescension and the unconventional.
Authors Max Bazerman of the Harvard Business School, and Michael Watkins, founder of Genesis Advisers, a leadership and strategy consultancy, define a predictable surprise as "an event or set of events that take an individual or group by surprise, despite prior awareness of all the information necessary to anticipate the events and their consequences.
So utterly predictable is the formula that the textbooks are now like peas in a pod.
As my experience in the simulator with and without accelerative motion demonstrates, without accelerative motion, the system is not as predictable as with accelerative motion.
CORRECTION: What is predictable is that North Korea will continue to employ blackmail and break its promises.
According to a recent white paper by THINKstrategies, which provides services for IT solutions providers, "providers of utility computing services provide their clients a comprehensive set of IT planning, implementation and management services for a simple, predictable fee.
For the most part, Triple Take is predictable and at times implausible.
As a result, the molecules build into predictable shapes.
Funereal customs, so predictable in a previous age, are myriad today.
56 points out, "As higher levels of assurance are desired from analytical procedures, more predictable relationships are required to develop the expectation.
The connections with major developments are valid but often predictable.
Although the aim in creating MIB (now referred to as MI) was to construct an aggregate with a predictable and stable relationship to income and interest rates, the empirical stability of MIB was short-lived.
Some of the advantages of the wire process include: * predictable Mg recovery; * ability to use just one ladle for desulfurization, Mg treatment and preinoculation; * ability to produce ductile iron directly from a gray iron base; * low temperature and Mg loss; * tailor-made wire chemistry (e.