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Keywords: word-formation, meaning predictability, psycholinguistic factors, sociolinguistic factors, integrated theory of word-formation and meaning predictability
In the next section we present the definition and estimators of the predictability of price formation processes.
He, however, cited some bottlenecks in terms of infrastructure, predictability of tax policies, constitutional limitation on foreign investments and skills gap.
In general, we seek to answer the following questions, whether there is a significant relationship between credit risk, liquidity and banks' earnings predictability listed in Tehran stock exchange.
The presentations in this session spanned a wide spectrum; particularly worthy of mention are three relatively new mathematical tools to describe the variability and the predictability of weather and climate.
For its El Nino and the Southern Oscillation program, COLA uses state-of-the-art coupled circulation models in an effort to determine the predictability of the climate phenomena known as El Nino and La Nina.
Such predictability would likely relieve any fears of work stoppage from a potential suitor's perspective.
Keywords: analyst earnings forecasts; forecast error; forecast bias; earnings predictability.
We hypothesize that: (1) users choose the least effective (least accurate) DA feature in certain predictability environments; (2) users choose the DA feature that they believe they are most competent with; and (3) choice between DA features improves performance compared to those assigned the same DA feature.
Markets crave, and trade off of, predictability (and at times events in variance temporarily with a perceived predictability).
These include: supportive, safe and positive discussion, use of positive reinforcement, character and situation predictability, nonjudgmental questioning, student-generated questioning, timing, and meaningful extension activities.
Predictability strategy: Investors like companies that maintain consistent growth without surprises.
The point we're making is that every coach can expect to pay the price for not knowing what every good opponent knows about him - his predictability and tendencies.
The new science states that there is no objective reality, no one formula, no right answer and no predictability.