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I predict it will be revealed Vice President Joe Biden has been under medical care for senile dementia.
Bringing together the expertise of educators and the power of technology to predict performance and target instruction enables you to positively influence your students' present and future success.
For each case, we predict nine other trajectories with the same initial velocity but slightly different initial positions.
To determine which variables best predict frequency of volunteering, two separate stepwise multiple regression analyses were conducted.
By pulling that data from the data warehouse and using predictive intelligence solutions to forecast future demand, the CFO can improve pricing and promotions, improve profit, grow margins, improve new item introductions, reduce inventory, predict product cannibalization, rescue closeouts and improve distribution assortment and replenishment.
Although the problem of hot tearing has been known for many years, and the relationship between melt chemistry, temperature and stress has been investigated, only recently have unified solidification and stress simulations been used to predict hot tearing problems in steel castings.
Severe nasal obstruction in patients with mild OSA combined with normal cephalometric x-rays can predict a good response to nasal surgery.
The objective of this article is to determine the suitability of the cubic equation as a strain energy function and to determine its capability to predict uniaxial compression and planar tension (pure shear) properties from uniaxial tension data for typical carbon black filled compounds used in tires.
It's a pretty harmless limb to crawl out on, most would think, since who remembers what anyone predicts if it fails to materialize 16 years in the future?
Many of these scientists predict global warming--a rise in Earth's temperature--during the next century.
Typically, research takes the form of attempting to predict rehabilitated versus non-rehabilitated status (Raleeh, 1986) or an examination of one or more issues related to a specific disability group such as an examination of productive functioning two years after spinal cord injuries (Herron, 1987).
Economists have found, for instance, that orange juice futures predict the weather in Florida better than conventional weather forecasts do.
In addition to obtaining a qualitative understanding of the process by which infants are exposed to potentially toxic chemicals, it is important to quantitatively evaluate the risk of previous maternal exposure and predict possible infant doses that could result from inadvertent maternal exposures via occupation or environment.
Consequently, it is difficult to predict and to optimize ion energy distributions.
Los Angeles County will fare less well than other counties in the region, with sharp job losses in manufacturing and the tourist industry, but still should show slight growth while most forecasts predict the nation faces a recession.