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an expression that predicates

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A factor analysis was conducted to identify the inter-correlations of the predicator variables.
To provide more support to Ana with the use of predicators, Camilo understood he could have instructed her to think of synonyms for those she had used in her narrative (e.
Emotional intelligence is suitable processing if data which has emotional load and are necessary for solving problems and energy concentration on behaviors and emotional intelligence is important predicators for success in personal, family relation.
In this case, subject-relatedness does not justify classification of the '-ly' word as a different word-class, because subject-relatedness depends on the predicators the '-ly' word may combine with.
Predicators of changes in adolescents' consumption of fruits, vegetables and energy--dense snacks.
Belimumab in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus: high disease activity predicators of response.
The overall results emphasized the youth's perceptions of their fathers' warm involvement as significant predicators of youth's academic success.
Second language argument structure research has explored different types of constructions and transitivity configurations for different types of predicators, especially verbs.
Temperature, relative humidity, seasonality and water quality are considered as predicators of mosquito species distribution (Impoinvil et al.
However, it notes, it is given "secondary consideration" behind predicators of academic ability.
Job task and organizational predicators of social worker Job satisfaction change: A panel study Administration in Social Work, 18 (1), 21-39.
Several of these predicators are highly amenable to proper screening and treatment,' note the researchers.
Predicators Knowledge Product Product Management Innovation Innovation Effectiveness without KME * with KME * std steel [beta] std [beta] [beta] Training [0.
Old-fashioned ideas of national interest, but also postcolonial solidarities, seem much better predicators for the foreign policy rationale of the new democratic powers.