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an expression that predicates

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Furthermore, one-quarter of immigrant families with young children live in poverty (a significant predicator of negative child outcomes) compared with one-fifth of families with native-born children (Lincroft et al.
Emotional intelligence and teacher efficacy as predicator of teacher effectiveness among pre-service teachers in some Nigerian universitys.
Low-T3 syndrome, a strong prognostic predicator of death in patients with heart disease.
A factor analysis was conducted to identify the inter-correlations of the predicator variables.
Is HSGPA a statistically significant predicator of PSU students' success at PYP mathematics courses?
The author has organized the main body of his text in six chapters devoted to statistical models, single predictor logistic models, multiple predicator logistic models, testing and fitting a logistic model, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Family income and education are significantly associated with antenatal care utilization, it is evident from the literature that female literacy is powerful predicator to the social development of communities and utilization of modern facilities provided by the governments.
13) The lips are the most commonly affected site, and their involvement is a significant negative predicator for airway intervention.
She said districts should step in to help students who cannot read by third grade - a strong predicator of whether students will go on to graduate.
Structural Coefficients, Canonical Correlations, Percentage of Variances, and Redundancies Between the Predictor Variables and ADMS, and Their Canonical Variates Predicator Canonical variates [chi].
Constituent negation in Igbo involve cleftings, where the negated constituent is focused and introduced by a copula predicator such as bu and di as in (32)b.
Abbasi and Hejazi [7] also in research on over staff of agriculture college showed that transformational leadership components are predicator of organizational learning.
She had only constructed declarative clauses, most of which were simple, containing only a subject, and a predicator (e.
Subject-orientation is a lexical effect caused by the semantic compatibility between the adjectival base of the '-ly' adverb and a nominal head jointly with the semantic compatibility between the predicator and the '-ly' adverb.