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a system of symbolic logic that represents individuals and predicates and quantification over individuals (as well as the relations between propositions)

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The Argument-function Schema of the Predicate Calculus
First Order Predicate Calculus can be a suitable semantic representation model to capture Sindhi predicate argument structure and is subject to research.
The system reliably identifies concepts in the query, such as "AVR" and "left atrial enlargement," and uses the Cyc semantics of those concepts to identify simple temporal, spatial, and role relationships, which are used to construct candidate components for a predicate calculus query.
S], as well as CG, can be reformulated using the predicate calculus syntax, they support a number of special purpose inference mechanisms such as matching and restricting that are normally part of the predicate calculus.
Although Sowa might not recommend it fully, I am convinced that a noncomputer-scientist can glean many valuable lessons here without incurring the additional overhead of learning his twin notations of predicate calculus and conceptual graphs.
In this paper, we shall, for illustrative purposes, employ a particular instance of them designed to make them directly comparable to predicate calculus mechanisms.
Inasmuch as the deductive system of the categorical syllogism can be seen now to be a significant subset of the first-order predicate calculus, which is the deductive system prescribed by Hempel and Oppenheim, the difference between the deductive requirements of the two metatheories is really only that of the greater scope, power, and elegance of the more recent logic.
When [right arrow] is the usual logical implication in, say, first-order predicate calculus, then this definition of conjunction agrees with the usual one, up to logical equivalence.
Exercises dealing with propositional logic, predicate calculus, trees, semantic networks, games, scripts and production rules are completed.
Robinson's unification algorithm brings rigor to the notion of pattern matching and it has a deep meaning: it replaces a set of fairly intricate predicate calculus axioms specifying the equality of trees, by an efficient algorithm which is easily implementable in a computer.
Seven technical papers cover a search method using the pixel value histogram of a region of interest for illegal copy images with geometric attacks, improving the success rate of concurrent mobile transactions by predicting time for execution, the methodology and evaluation of terrain fusion based on two-dimensional images at different resolution, outsourcing electronic learning projects in museums with a case study of public museums in Taiwan, rough-fuzzy predicate calculus, a case study of overlapping community structure in co-authorship networks, and spectral radius as a measure of variation in node degree for complex network graphs.
There is no consensus, however, as to which part should be eliminated from the predicate calculus.
41) On account of its seemingly limitless generality, the new predicate calculus, with its expressive power to represent functions and relations of higher level, is conceived by Frege as the most significant advance yet made on the way towards Leibniz's grandiose goal of a universal characteristic.
The first is the worry that such interpretations commit Nagarjuna to the view--held, he says, by some disreputable continental semioticians--that the principles of the predicate calculus, including at least non-contradiction and excluded middle, are laws only of thought and not of reality; and that, as a result, Nagajuna's thought, if so read, would be open to the possibility that reality is such that it transcends, or in some other way does not abide by, those principles.
Modern ('symbolic' or 'mathematical') logic dates back to 1879, when Frege published the first version of what today is known as the predicate calculus [14].