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the belief or doctrine of predestinarians

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98) To concede on "falling" would be to eliminate comfort in experimental predestinarianism.
Other than Langland's appropriation by various readerships, salvational and revelatory theologies are juxtaposed with Langland's own frequent slippages into pseudo-prophecy Kerby-Fulton addresses the author's (and his presumed coterie's) own negotiations with suspect eschatology and salvational doctrine in his attempts to respond to the "horrific" severity of predestinarianism (344).
Outside a small number of scholars, his reputation has borne something of a Protestant black legend: Beza was the severe reformer of Geneva who twisted Calvin's theology into a joyless predestinarianism.
Yet the common relationship in both is philosophical determinism of a rather crude kind, owing something to the theological predestinarianism associated with the doctrines of John Calvin.
Too often it has been assumed that Calvinism was necessarily extreme and perhaps limited to predestinarianism.
He was probably drawn to the Old School in part because it offered a predestinarianism akin to that of the "Hard Shell" Baptists among whom he had grown up.