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Synonyms for predecessor

previous job holder


Synonyms for predecessor

Synonyms for predecessor

one who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office)

something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone

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Although these communication responsibilities are essentially the same for all audits, the reporting issues relative to non-SEC issuers are simpler because predecessor auditors are typically not asked to reissue their reports to accompany comparative financial statements.
Reality may soon put a damper on the return of Twinkies as it appears the cakes are smaller than their predecessors.
According to an official notification issued here by the Government of Balochistan, the Provincial Secretary for Secondary Education, Munir Ahmed Badini was transferred and posted as the Chairman, Chief Minister Inspection Team while his predecessor, Ejaz Ahmed Mangi has been posted as the Secretary Fisheries department.
For purposes of determining whether a successor employer has reached the Social Security wage base, the successor rule allows a successor employer to take credit for the wages that a predecessor employer paid to an employee during the calendar year if certain rules are met.
GERWYN, on the Smarta Technology blog: "The fact that the iPad 2 delivers all this potential in a slimmer, faster package than its predecessor, without losing any of the battery life, which is understood to last around 10 hours before recharging, makes the iPad2 a worthy successor to its predecessor.
RENAULT reckons that its latest Laguna will be a better long-term investment than its predecessor by holding on to more of its initial value over the typical three-year ownership period.
In his October speech accepting the appointment, Ban referred to a predecessor, U Thant of Myanmar (formerly Burma), for having "ably served the world four decades ago.
The two-stage intake manifold is cast magnesium; it weighs eight pounds less than its predecessor.
This time the successor to John Paul II, wanted to re-acquaint himself with the places so special to his predecessor.
It is 60% smaller in size than the predecessor model, and consumes about 1/3 the power required of the predecessor.
FOR THE FIRST time, a collection of selected letters to the editor published in the Anglican Journal and its predecessor, the Canadian Churchman, during the last 50 of the publication's 130-year history will be compiled in a book scheduled for release this month.
The purchase price of the new unit will be only slightly higher than its predecessor.
7 inches, almost an inch wider and taller than its predecessor.
This is not an unusual situation, since Sebelius' cop predecessor as governor appointed his Democratic predecessor's budget head to retain that position in his administration.
He plans to marry Camilla or no one, but he knows how difficult that will be to achieve as she is stubborn and her late spouse his predecessor scarred her mentally, hopefully not for life.