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It is seen that BPA of the precooled phalanx gradually grows up during 40 seconds following the growth of the skin temperature.
The supernatant was removed 24 hours after culture, and the cells were washed with PBS 3 times and fixed with precooled 95% ethanol for 15 minutes.
The precooled and packaged fruit was subjected to gamma radiation in the range of 0.
The culture was then placed on ice and then shifted to a precooled sterile Oakridge centrifuged tube.
1] FW after pre-cooling to 13[degrees]C by using 13[degrees]C precooled air ([T.
One of the CTAD syringes was precooled (ice-water mix) to minimize in vitro platelet activation, degranulation, and formation of microparticles.
High temperature refrigerated dryers include an aftercooler and are primarily used with piston compressors, as the air must be precooled prior to entering the dryer for it to be effective.
They use less fuel and more air because the gas/air mixture is compressed with turbochargers, precooled with intercoolers and injected into the engine so it burns efficiently.
In order to achieve a temperature reduction of these gases through expansion, they must be precooled below their inversion temperature--hydrogen by liquid air and helium by liquid hydrogen.
Air comes over the Coast Range precooled and free," he says.
5] Air is drawn through long underground inlet pipes to be prewarmed in winter and precooled in summer.
Packed boxes that have not been precooled do not cool well if they are just placed in a refrigerated room or on a refrigerated truck.
Fresh incoming air is automatically preheated or precooled, depending upon the season, dramatically reducing ventilation energy loss.
The culture water was exchanged every 48 h with precooled and aerated filtered (1.