preclinical phase

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a laboratory test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on animal subjects

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The research currently is in a preclinical phase but the UB researchers expect that translation to determine effectiveness in patients could take place within two to three years or possibly even sooner.
The study did not examine the risk of fetal death from fever experienced during the preclinical phase of pregnancy before week 6.
Despite the poor clinical performance of current late-stage pipeline drugs, there is evidence of continued interest in the OC market, with a high number of drug candidates in the initial developmental pipeline, particularly at the Preclinical phase.
This investment will further place Almac as the supplier of choice to satisfy all client requirements from preclinical phase to full commercialisation.
The group's work marked the first attempt to define criteria for Alzheimer's preclinical phase, which is increasingly recognized as a long latent stage of the disease in which Alzheimer's pathology and biomarkers of that pathology become abnormal, while subjects remain clinically asymptomatic.
The chapters provide an understanding of the key components of the preclinical phase of drug development with a hands-on description, with core chapters addressing study conduct, types, and reporting.
The preclinical pipeline is rather full by more than 9 ADCs in advanced preclinical phase and many more in earlier stages.
VivaCell Biotechnology EspaSa, a spin-off from the University of Cordoba, Spain, is an emerging biotechnology company that investigates and develops new medical products derived from medicinal plants and marine organisms, and is currently focused on the preclinical phase of drug discovery.
They are exceptionally strong in product development, with 84 compounds in clinical trials and 63 at the preclinical phase last year.
Tibotec has the responsibility to carry out the regulatory preclinical phase of the project and for the clinical development and marketing of such compounds.
Medivir and Tibotec will together carry out the preclinical phase of the project with the aim of nominating drug candidates.
This drug is in the preclinical phase of development after proof of concept that has been demonstrated in laboratory trials that showed potent anti-inflammatory activity on human cells.
A drug candidate then moves into the next stage of drug development, the preclinical phase.
TechnoVax is presently evaluating preclinical phase vaccines to protect against H5N1 avian flu (several clades/variants), 1918 ("Spanish Flu"), H7N7 pandemic influenza, seasonal flu, and respiratory syncytial and parainfluenza viruses.
Helsinn has a large product development capability ranging from early optimization phase, preclinical phase and throughout all phases of clinical development and a proven expertise in oncology and cancer supportive care, pain and inflammation, and gastroenterology.