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Synonyms for precipitously

very suddenly and to a great degree


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While he had opposed Bush's Iraq War, he had come to the conclusion-unpopular on the left--that it would be disastrous if the United States left Iraq precipitously.
Precipitously draining the pool in close proximity to the IPO presents two interrelated concerns for a new public company:
Turns out that while our stature has diminished--and American women have smallified even more precipitously than men--the folks in the rest of the industrialized world have been getting taller.
I assume that they have examined every alternative and proceeded not precipitously but thoughtfully.
Seat prices have dropped precipitously in the past three years, and that terrifies investors.
In a letter to Veneman, National Farmers Organization underscored that cheese prices have dropped precipitously since September 21, when the USDA "found' 31.
The very first grant from that foundation, $30,000, went to Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley to help its dancers, precipitously relocated from Cleveland (where they were part of the Cleveland San Jose Ballet), with deposits on their apartments and half the first month's rent.
Even patients who come to a health-care facility for treatment may die precipitously and unexpectedly, without a clear diagnosis, and may come under the jurisdiction of medical examiners and coroners.
According to David Alger, president and chief investment officer for the Alger Fund, the rate of inflation in this country is essentially dropping and, as a result, interest rates will fall precipitously later in the year.
However, when age and gravity hit the body, Tiresias's sexual and social power droop precipitously.
Reports like the ALA's and the NRDC's certainly bolster the EPA's claim that "[s]ome will contend that we are acting precipitously and others will claim that we are not being protective enough.
Net income dropped even more precipitously, to NLG 663 million in 1990, a 31% drop from 1989's figure of NLG 954 million.
Despite a slight increase in fourth quarter revenue, Ryerson's net income declined precipitously from a year-ago profit of $6.