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Synonyms for precipitant

Synonyms for precipitant

an agent that causes a precipitate to form

done with very great haste and without due deliberation

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Scores on the Relapse Precipitant Inventory (RPI), Coping Behaviour Inventory (CBI), Self-Efficacy Scale (SES), Presumptive Stressful Life Events Scale (PSLES) and the Social Support Questionnaire (SSQ) Scales Abstinent group (N = 30) Relapse precipitant inventory Negative mood states 4.
Our findings identify ambient air pollution as a potential precipitant of supraventricular arrhythmias.
Dogs produce a protein that is a common precipitant of asthma attacks - it's contained in their dead skin and hair (dander), urine and saliva.
In Le Rouge et le noir, Stendhal describes the moment Julien climbs a ladder and enters the bedroom of Mathilde de La Mole: "C'est donc toi, ditelle en se precipitant dans ses bras .
At these testing times, it is precipitant upon us to reflect on the Joys Of Life.
a culture of violent conflict resolution was a central precipitant of the high levels of police shootings'.
Overreaction always involves an intense emotional response to a precipitant lacking sufficiently objective threat to produce the response.
Even for those who dispute the role of the environment as a primary precipitant of violence, unrest, and other forms of insecurity, considerable potential remains for other "antocatalytic" events to make this linkage more direct and palpable.
These stressors might be a key precipitant of gambling binges or may complicate the treatment for the gambling behavior.
The sewage treatment plants FE-rth need to reduce phosphorus in the wastewater inorganic precipitant in addition to biological P-elimination.
Assembly of a complete precipitant dosing for fecl3, consisting of 25 mA storage tank, befE-llstutzenschrank, cabinet enclosures for metering pallet, associated piping and control valves.
While the pre-Freudian link between rape/incest and hysterical symptomatology was implicit (rape/incest was an unspoken precipitant of hysteria), the connection between female sexuality and the disease of hysteria was explicit.
Hofmann's was a talent so precipitant that it was as if he had constantly to prevent himself, artistically speaking, from tripping over his own feet.
When it was evident that a stressor occurring one month prior to the suicide had been a direct contributor, it was classified as a precipitant (Marttunen et al.
The most effective way to prevent glycolysis is to denature enzymes by using a protein precipitant.