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the motion of a spinning body (as a top) in which it wobbles so that the axis of rotation sweeps out a cone

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the act of preceding in time or order or rank (as in a ceremony)

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2011): Evidence of precessional and eccentricity orbital cycles in a Tithonian source rock: the mid-outer carbonate ramp of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Northern Neuquen Basin, Argentina.
Thus we find that the precessional speed for this case would be slow and constant at about 8 cm/s.
Now, the simulation of wideband radar echo of ballistic midcourse target with precession is mostly on the basis of ideal scattering centers, and the movement of these scattering centers is equaled to the precessional movement of the target.
These disadvantages do not occur in case of the precessional planetary transmission.
The 20,000-year precessional cycle of the global monsoon, for example, is responsible for the collapse of several Asian and African ancient cultures at 4000 years ago.
Shulmeister, James 1999 'Australasian evidence for mid-Holocene climate change implies precessional control of Walker Circulation in the Pacific', Quaternary International 57/58: 81-91.
Shulmeister J (1999) Australasian evidence for mid-Holocene climate change implies precessional control of Walker Circulation in the Pacific.
own shadow under the sun's high, precessional perspective, the slip
These speeds in turn are related to the precessional rate of the nuclei when subjected to the magnetic field.
precessional motion is likened to liberation or oscillation of the
Furthermore, when an RF pulse is applied to the nuclei in the magnetic field at a frequency that matches the precessional frequency of the nuclei, a condition known as resonance occurs.
It looked also at an earlier example of Mark's collaboration with a Philadelphia poet, Eleanor Wilner's Precessional (Wallingford, PA: 1998).
Built at NIST-Boulder, the CryoPIMM will be a powerful new tool to investigate the fundamental origins of precessional damping in thin metallic films.
Precessional switching requires a single polarity pulse applied to the device easy axis.
The reaction of the two particles also results in a precessional effect to the second particle (Resultant- in Figure 1).